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[Watch Video] Octavio Da Silva Video Footage: Original Details Of Referee Death Here!

We will provide details on an Original Referee Death incident, also known as Octavio Da Silva Video Footagewhich is trending on major social media platforms.

Have you watched the scary video featuring a referee death? What does the referee’s video show? Does the footage involve cruelty and violence within it?

The citizens of the Philippines are in complete shock after watching the viral Octavio Da Silva Video FootageWe will share full details on the trending footage in the upcoming segments. Thus, to gain more knowledge related to this viral footage, read the article.

About Octavio Da Silva Video Footage News

A horrifying incident recently became a trending topic of discussion for internet users. This video involves a referee’s shocking death. The video honestly had massive repercussions on society, and online users are demanding justice for the now-deceased referee. However, we have strictly avoided sharing the original footage of this currently trending video as it involves and promotes cruelty along with violence.

About Octavio Da Silva Video Footage News

What occurred in Octavio Da Silva Video Original?

Few years back a tragic incident took away the life of a football referee Octavio Da Silva. The video provides glimpses of an open murder that takes place during a football match. The video shows that Octavio Da Silva was openly stabbed to death and even beheaded during an on-going football match. The video further reveals that Octavio Da Silva’s body parts were detached and thrown open on the football ground.

Details on Octavio Da Silva Referee Death Incident

On a fine football match day, a referee named Octavio Da Silva was dedicated towards his job. Thus, Octavio expelled a player named Josemir Santos Abreu during the game. The player was dismissed for a foul that he committed in the on-going match. However, the player Josemir couldn’t take it and, after a heated argument, decided to stab the referee in the chest with a knife. This caused Octavio Da Silva Referee Death.

Details on Octavio Da Silva Referee Death Incident

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More updates on the innocent referee’s death murder

After Josemir Santos Abreu attacked the 20-year-old referee, he fell and immediately collapsed on the ground. Later, the player’s family and friends captured the football field and beheaded the referee on the open ground. The player even detached the referee’s body parts and threw them on the ground.

More updates on the innocent referee's death murder

Crowd’s reaction to the incident

The Octavio Da Silva Video Original is getting continuous attention from the moment it was uploaded on an online website. Moreover, the crowd in the stadium was utterly shocked after watching the inhuman activity. The spectators were horrified and tried to escape from the stadium soon.

Is the violent footage still circulating on any of the online platforms?

Many online users are still searching for the original content of the Octavio Da Silva Video Footage. Major online websites are still sharing the actual footage of the horrifying incident. However, the online authorities tried their best to remove the actual footage from various platforms. Some authorized sources are intentionally circulating the clips on internet platforms even now.

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TIL at a soccer match in Brazil in 2013, a referee stabbed a player to death. He was then quartered and decapitated using a sickle and his severed head was placed on a spike on the field.
byu/kickshawkyle intodayilearned


We have discussed an unbelievable incident that reveals the dark side and the threat of the sports world. The Octavio Da Silva Video Footage is quite haunting and demands immediate action on such an inhuman activity that occurred within the sports world. To learn more surprising facts about the Octavio Da Silva videoclick on the attached link. 

What are your thoughts on the horrifying incident? Please share your views in the comment box below.

Disclaimer: We have shared only the required information for the Octavio Da Silva incident. Other than this, our article doesn’t promote any violent activities through it.

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