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Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Twitter: Who Was Jordão? Also Check What Is In The Clip Reddit

What is Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Twitter? Who is Otávio Jordão? Is the footage trending on Reddit?

Why is Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Twitter going viral? Who is Octavio Da Silva? How old is this case? Where has this case of a beheading referee taken place? People from all Worldwide are looking for the details about this case; thus, we have decided to search for all the details. Read the article on Octavio Da Silva.

Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Twitter

Referees are essential to guaranteeing fair play and upholding the integrity of sports in the world. Nonetheless, there are times when their choices are questioned, sparking contentious discussions among supporters and athletes. One such instance involved referee Octavio Da Silva, whose footage became viral on Twitter and generated a lot of debate and controversy.

In the disputed video, Octavio Da Silva stabbed a player after he refused to listen to him. Da Silva then attacked Josenir dos Santos Abreu with a knife. It was a local soccer game. As a result of this incident, Da Silva killed the player on the spot. 

Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Twitter

Details About Otávio Jordão Da Silva Video

The video went viral as soon as it was uploaded to Twitter, becoming widely shared among sports fans across the globe. In the video, Da Silva objected to player Santos Abreu for something, but he refused to listen to him. In a fit of rage, De Silva attacked him with a knife. Santos died immediately. 

After the player was killed brutally, the family and friends of Santos killed De Silva. He was killed by the mob for killing the player. The mob beheaded De Silva. De Silva also died after being decapitated. He was taken to the hospital. 

Information On Otávio Jordão Da Silva Reddit

As soon as the video became viral on Twitter, people started voicing their thoughts and expressing shock at what the referee had done. #OctavioDaSilva and #RefereeControversy were among the popular hashtags. The case is ten years old, as it happened in 2013. People on the internet were shocked to learn the end of the fight. 

Netizens joined the discussion on Twitter as the video kept making the rounds, sharing their perspectives on what happened. Referees, coaches, and former professional soccer players were shocked to know what a wrong turn this game took. The match was in the Northern Part of Brazil, Maranhao. The Otávio Jordão Da Silva Video of this old incident is trending nowadays again on social media. It happened on 30th June 2013, when the referee was 20 years old.  

Information On Otávio Jordão Da Silva Reddit

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What Happened Exactly At the Local Match?

As per the available details, Otavio expelled Josenir dos Santos Abreu from the match at Centro De Meio. It is also said that Abreu attacked Da Silva first, and then the referee tried to defend himself. Aberu attacked Da Silva brutally, and in response, he stabbed Santos’ chest with force. 

As per reports, Santos could not make it to the hospital and died on the way. Where the mob caught Da Silva. Otávio Jordão Da Silva Reddit showed, that the mob had Aberu’s family and friends who tortured the referee brutally. He tied, and the mob did unimaginable things with him. Police also caught the referee but eventually died. 

Where is the Video?

The video of this killing is present of ‘Watch People Die.’ It is a website that has brutal killing videos; the website is gross, and it can affect people emotionally. Thus, we never recommend our readers to watch any video on this website.

The video was also trending in social media, but due to its gross scene and bloodshots, it has now been taken down. The case is chilling, and people still remember the subject to date. 

Where is the Video


In today’s article, Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Twitter, we explained all the details about the case. On 30th June 2013, at a local match in Centro De Meio, Brazil, two people died. It was a result of a scuffle between a referee and a player. And they both end up dying at each other’s hands. The referee killed the player, and after that, the referee was subject to attack by the mob. If you wish to know more, click here.

Have you watched the video on the internet? Please write your comment below about the video and the case.

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