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[Watch Video] Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Leaked On Telegram: Check What Is In The Actual Clip

Where is the Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Leaked on Telegram? Where is the Actual and Real Footage? Read details here.

What is the Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Leaked on Telegram? Who is referee Octavio Da Silva? Is Octavio Da Silva alive? Are you trying to get more details on Octavio Da Silva? Why is Da Silva trending on social media again? Netizens from Worldwide are currently researching the Referee Octavio Da Silva. Let us read details about Octavio Da Silva and the fight. 

Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Leaked on Telegram

Octavio Da Silva attacked a player in the controversial video because the guy was not listening to him. Da Silva then used a knife to assault Josenir dos Santos Abreu. The videos of this incident are going viral on social media again. 

Referees are indispensable to ensure fair play and preserve the ethics of sports worldwide. However, there are instances when their decisions are questioned, which leads to heated debates between fans and players. Referee Octavio Da Silva was engaged in one such incident; his video went viral on Twitter and sparked much discussion and controversy.

Octavio Da Silva Referee Video Leaked on Telegram

More Details on Octavio Da Silva Actual Video

Now, the video is going viral again, and people who did not know about the incident want details about it. In the video, Da Silva expressed his disapproval of player Santos Abreu for a particular issue, but the player ignored him. De Silva stabbed him with a sharp object out of fury. Santos passed away right away. 

Santos’s family and Santos’ friends captured De Silva after the footballer was brutally murdered. The mob killed him because he killed the player. Octavio also passed away following his beheading. Although, he brought him to the hospital, but he died.

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When Did Octavio Da Silva Real Video Incident Happened?

The incident occurred in 2013. Thus, the case is ten years old. Many on the internet were horrified when they discovered how the brawl ended. As the video continued to circulate, users on Twitter joined the conversation and offered their opinions on what transpired. 

The referees, trainers, and former soccer players were shocked by how badly this game turned out. The game took place at Maranhao, in the northern region of Brazil. The Jordão Da Silva, topic is booming again with a video of this past occurrence. When Octavio Da Silva Actual Video incident occurred on June 30, 2013, the referee was twenty years old.  

When Did Octavio Da Silva Real Video Incident Happened

Background Story of Octavio Da Silva Incident

According to what is known, Otavio kicked Josenir dos Santos Abreu out of the Centro De Meio match. Additionally, it is reported that after Abreu assaulted Da Silva, the referee attempted to protect himself. Aberu viciously attacked Da Silva, and in retaliation, he forcefully stabbed Santos in the chest. Santos reportedly passed away on the route to the hospital. People mobbed and captured Da Silva.


In today’s Octavio Da Silva Real Video Incident, we discussed the topic deeply. Two persons lost their lives on June 30, 2013, at a local match in Centro De Meio, Brazil. It was the outcome of an altercation between a player and the referee. The referee murdered the player, and the mob then attacked the referee. Click this link to learn more

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