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Nozima Husainova Instagram: Details On Her Pics, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, And Reddit Account

We bring to you extensively consolidated details about Pics of Nozima Husainova Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Does Nozima Husainova exists at all? The question arises as users from the United Kingdom, the United StatesCanada, and India try to check their social media accounts! We bring you factual analysis about Pics of Nozima Husainova Instagram, to learn about I Support Israel.

Analysis of Nozima Husainova Instagram:

You may know that the name of Nozima Husainova was searched on the internet millions of times due to her antisemitic comments on a social media post. Screenshots of Ms. Husainova’s post were initially published on the @StopAntisemites Twitter group on 19th/October/2023 (links provided in the below section).

About Nozima Husainova Twitter posts:

The post spread like rapid-fire and attracted criticism for the racist comments. At the same time, most of the viewers expressed empathy with the people of the country under attack! The @StopAntisemites/status/1715061647927058590 post received 1+ million views, and another post -@CollinRugg/status/1715116040672415771 received 7.8+ million views. 

About @StopAntisemites Nozima Husainova Twitter posts:

As of writing, there were 261 social media posts related to Husainova’s comment!

@StopAntisemites/status/1714749966097248487 went ahead and published screenshots of Husainova’s LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. Several news websites also reported the incident, stating Husainova’s LinkedIn and Instagram profiles were deleted recently.

But, on analyzing Instagram for Nozima Husainova Instagram account and LinkedIn platform, there was no inactive (or) deleted profile of Husainova! One LinkedIn profile screenshot posted on @StopAntisemites/status/1714749966097248487 showed a picture of Husainova, but the second screenshot did not feature her picture!

Next, the Instagram profile screenshot on @StopAntisemites/status/1714749966097248487 was edited as it did not include the brief details of Husainova! 

About Nozima Husainova Facebook:

Husainova’s FB account doesn’t exist. There was no Instagram profile – @NH. Social media platforms give the details of individuals even if their account is inactive (or) deleted, but viewers won’t be able to access their accounts due to inactive status. But @NA Instagram and @Nozima Husainova LinkedIn profiles didn’t show up!

As per sources, Furthermore, social media posts stating that Citi Bank had fired Husainova due to her racist comments, included a reference to Citi Bank’s Instagram post – But the post was related to Citi Bank supporting specially-abled people to work with their organization.

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Nozima Husainova Pics included on various posts: post stated that Citi Bank had issued a statement to about firing Husainova. But only had a news article related to Husainova and no indication about Citi Bank’s press release! Hence, the origin of Citi Bank’s Nozima Husainova LinkedIn dismissal acknowledgment is undetermined/not present.

Moreover, came up with another similar post on 21st/October/2023 targeting Rajaa Chraibi, posting racist comments. The post received 636.6K views and 1,075 comments of empathy and criticizing such comments! Similar to Husainova’s post, @StopAntisemites stated that Keller Williams fired Chraibi and referred to pages, which did not include any official confirmation.

Nozima Husainova Pics on @StopAntisemites:

@StopAntisemites Twitter account is working hard to get global support and trying to spread awareness about the suffering of people. But edited profile screenshots of Husainova’s Instagram and LinkedIn accounts raise a concern about the authenticity of @StopAntisemites’s social media posts.

Social media links:


There was no official confirmation about firing Husainova from Citi Bank on their official social media pages. No related press release by Citi Bank was found. No Nozima Husainova Reddit interview was featured. Husainova did not react to criticisms and did not post any apology. Where is Nozima Husainova? Hence, the authenticity of @StopAntisemites social media posts needs to be verified.

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