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Notti Fight Video: What Is In The Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This post on Notti Fight Video will explain all the crucial details related to the latest updates of the fight video of Notti Osama.

Do you know Notti Osama? Have you heard about his fight video? Unfortunately, Notti Osama was announced dead on 9th July 2022. However, a new detail related to his death has been found on the internet lately, and people from the United States are keen to learn more about the viral video. This post will discuss all the vital information related to the viral Notti Fight Video, so please keep reading this post.


What is the latest update on Notti Osama?

Notti Osama was a 14-year-old drill rapper from New York. As per sources, he was murdered brutally by his 15-year-old music rival on 9th July 2022. This happened at a subway station in New York when Notti got into a fight with his music rival, according to Tiktok. Later, police arrived at the scene and arrested the 15-year-old boy responsible for Notti’s death.


This article is just for informative purposes, and we do not support violence through our articles.

This all happened months ago, so readers may wonder why we are explaining this now. The answer is that a new video was discovered on the internet a few days ago. DD Osama uploaded the video on his Instagram account, revealing that Notti and his friends were fighting with someone else.

How did Notti Osama die?

Notti Osama died during a fight with his music rival. As per sources, it was alleged that both parties were involved in a rap battle, eventually leading to Notti Osama’s death. This was also shown on YouTube. Notti used to perform drill rapping. As per sources, when Notti and his rival were in a rap battle, a fight broke out between the two, and Notti and his friends cornered the rival to defeat him. However, the rival took out his knife and stabbed Notti. This news was Viral On Reddit.  

A few moments later, police arrived at the scene and arrested the boy responsible for Notti’s death. The boy was charged with first-degree murder and criminal possession. But the police didn’t reveal the name of the boy who unalive Notti. Notti’s death became a huge sensation, and people began a candlelight memorial in Manhattan where many of Notti’s friends and family were there.

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Final verdict

To conclude this post, we have provided all the details related to the death of Notti Osama. Besides this, we would like to say that we do not support violence at all. Please visit this link to learn more about Notti Osama

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Notti Fight Video – FAQs

Q1. Who was Notti Osama?

Answer: Notti Osama was a drill rapper.

Q2. How old was Notti Osama?

Answer: Notti Osama was 14 years old.

Q3. When did Notti Osama die?

Answer: Notti Osama died on 9th July 2022.

Q4. What is the latest update on Notti Osama?

Answer: After Notti Osama’s death, a video about a fight was leaked on the internet.

Q5. How was the video leaked?

Answer: The video was uploaded by Notti Osama’s brother DD Osama.

Q6. How was Notti Osama killed?

Answer: According to some Telegram reports, Notti Osama was stabbed by one of his music rivals during a rap battle.

Q7. Who killed Notti Osama?

Answer: There are currently no details related to the person who killed Notti Osama, as the police have not revealed any details to the general public.

Q8. Where did Notti Osama live?

Answer: Notti Osama lived in New York City.

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