Nosta Crypto Coin (June) Price, Chart & How to Buy

Nosta Crypto Coin (June) Price, Chart & How to Buy?

Nosta Crypto Coin (June) Price, Chart & How to Buy? >> The guide helps investors and buyers to learn about the new crypto coin and other relevant details.

The Crypto marketplace is very lucrative, attracting many buyers and investors to the market for profitable investments. Every business and industry wants to become a part of the cryptocurrency marketplace, and hence they are launching a new crypto token or coin every day.

Nosta Coin is launched currently as crypto token or coin, making big news in France and other nations. However, it is the latest crypto token or coin, and hence many vital details are not available. 

Below you will come across some relevant details of the Nosta Crypto Coin.

What is Nosta Coin?

Nosta Coin is the new coin launched recently in Crypto world and added into the crypto exchanges for worldwide buyers and investors. The crypto coin is available for purchase on BscScan as a BEP-20 token. 

The coin is making news amongst the buyers and investors in France. The BEP-20 token is launched with a ticker symbol of NOSTA, and there are over 2000 holders of this crypto coin worldwide. 

Since the crypto coin is newly launched, many vital details are not available. But, you will find some relevant details below.

Who is the Founder of Nosta Crypto Coin?

After evaluating, we have not found any details regarding the founder or owner of the crypto coin. So, readers have to wait until the coin holders disclose the owner and founder of the crypto coin. 

Despite being a new coin, it is quite popular amongst worldwide investors and buyers. 

What is the Total Supply and Market Cap of the Coin?

The crypto coin is available for purchase on BscScan as a BEP-20 token. The total supply of the crypto coin as per the platform is 9,771,967.157595. Besides, the token has registered a transfer of 19,432.

The details regarding the market capitalization of Nosta Crypto Coin have not been disclosed. There is no information about the market cap of the token.     

What is the Live Price and Number of Holders?

As per BscScan, the current value of the token is $349.68, with the likeliness of rising to 12.17%. However, the crypto coin is not available at any other exchanges, and hence you won’t find the coin to purchase elsewhere. 

In terms of holders, there are 2139 addresses where you will find the crypto coin. So it means the crypto coin is available to over 2000 holders worldwide. 

How to Get the Coin?

Since Nosta Crypto Coin is available on BscScan for purchase, investors and buyers have to purchase it from the exchange. However, buying the coin and the wallet required for buying it is not shared, so investors have to investigate it before buying a crypto token. 


Who is the Founder of Nosta Coin?

  1. The founder of the crypto coin is not disclosed yet.

What Contract Address to Use for Buying?

  1. 0x79236db52e1b6fca35f2d44249cfa78277f57cea is the contract address to use for buying.

What is the Live Price of Nosta Coin?

  1. As per the live price chart at BscScan, it is priced at $349.68.

Final Thought

Nosta Crypto Coin is the new Cryptocurrencyand many relevant details are missing. However, investors interested in buying the coin need to visit BscScan to purchase and hold the Crypto coin for long-term profit. Moreover, please click here to know the best applications for crypto investment and trading.

Are you the holder of Nosta Coin? Do you want to know where it is available? Please share your opinion in the comments box below. 

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