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{Uncensored} No Jumper Fight Video- Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Tiktok, Adam22 On Podcast

This article provides information related to the No Jumper Fight Video incident and tells the readers about the story behind the fight.

Did you look at the video of the controversial No Jumper podcast? No Jumper podcast is a famous show on the official channel of Adam22, and people in the United States and other countries like to follow the show for exciting interviews. 

However, recently a heated argument in the No Jumper podcast turned into violence. Start reading, along with the No Jumper Fight Video, if you want to know the scenario. 


What happens on the podcast show?

No Jumper podcast is known as the coolest podcast in the world, but recently, an interview went wrong on the show, which led to punching one another. The fight was between Almighty Suspect and Kelpy. 

It happened recently, and the video got thousands of views as people started searching about Lil Kelpy after the podcast fight. 

Viral On Twitter– What happens during the interview?

During the interview, there were some heated arguments and an exchange of words which are inappropriate between the two guests. However, Almighty Suspect punched Kelpy while Kelpy was defending himself. 

Things went sideways when Kelpy passed some inappropriate comment on Almighty, and he lost his cool that time. However, the crew members took both of them somewhere safe so it won’t happen again. After that, the podcast got ended at the exact time.


Viral On Twitter- What happens during the interview

About Kelpy- Personal Info, Bio, Career 

After the Adam22 Fight On Podcast, everyone wants to know about Kelpy as Almighty Suspect is already a renowned music star in the industry and loved by the people of the United States and other countries. 

So, here’s the information related to Kelpy’s work and personal life. 

Full name-  Lil Kelpy
Birthplace-  Orange County, California
Appearance in shows- No Jumper and Soft White Underbelly
Occupation- Rapper and social media personality
Tracks released- 7 on SoundCloud and Apple Music platform
Parents’ name- not mentioned
Age- not mentioned
Date of birth- not mentioned
Tiktok followers- not mentioned
Instagram followers-  3,182 and rising

Is the video of the fight available?

The video of the interview is available on the internet and is getting viral on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and many more. However, there are many clips of the fight which you can see on Twitter, but it comes with a warning as the video contains violence and inappropriate language. 

After the fight, many people started looking for information on Lil Kelpy as he was news on Reddit and other platforms for many viewers. Also, everyone was looking for the reasons behind the fights. 

What happens after the fight?

When the Almighty Suspects keeps throwing punches at Lil Kelpy, his face gets red, and there’s blood on it, which makes it a serious matter. The podcast was stopped when everyone came in between to stop the fight. 

However, there’s no information about the status of Almighty Suspect or Lil Kelpy after the fight. According to some users, both are equally accountable for this action, as Lil Kelpy said some nasty things which couldn’t be handled by Almighty, as seen in a video viral on Telegram.

Is there any similar incident happened?

Fights between known celebrities are common cases, as everyone loses their cool at some point during interviews and award shows. An incident at the Oscars went viral between Will Smith and Chris Rock. 

Chris Rock passes some inappropriate comments on Jada Pinkett Smith, i.e., Will Smith’s wife. He couldn’t control himself, and he got on the stage and slapped Chris Rock. However, the No Jumper Fight Video was way too intense than the Oscar incident. 

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Final words

The whole incident between the two famous singers shocked their fans, and people are waiting for the official action as it is not acceptable to hit someone so severely on a show. If you want to look at the video, check here

What do you think about the whole incident? Please comment below with your views. 

No Jumper Fight Video– FAQs

1: Who is Adam22?

A: Adam22 is Adam John Grandmaison, a famous podcaster.

2: Where did Almighty Suspect hit Lil Kelpy?

A: He hit him in the face. 

3: When did the incident happen?

A: 24th November 2022 on the Podcast

4: Where is the video available?

A: Social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube.

5: Who is Lil Kelpy?

A: He’s a rapper and a famous social media personality. 

6: Where was Lil Kelpy born?

A: Orange County, California.

7: How many tracks does Lil Kelpy release?

A: 7 tracks are released. 

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