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[Watch] Nizama Hecimovic Video Twitter: Why HećImović Instagram Post Went Viral On Reddit & Tiktok? Check Biography Details Here Now!

The Nizama Hecimovic Video Twitter grab more interest among social media viewers. Check the content of the video and more.

Are you aware that Nizama Haecimovic is killed? Many are curious to know what happened to her. Viewers Worldwide are asking for justice. But why is it so? It is because of the viral post that is going rounds. 

This post put the limelight on the murder of Nizama Hecimovic Video TwitterLet us look for her details and more.

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Nizama Hecimovic video

Nermin Sulejmanovic, an ex-husband of Nizama Hecimovic, live streamed his cruel activity. The video got much attention from social media visitors and buzzed around on Twitter.

Nermin was live through his Instagram account. Around 12000 viewers were watching the violent rampage by him. 

Was Nizama Hecimovic got murdered?

The answer to this is undoubtedly yes. It is because Nermin had himself live-streamed his activity. Officials, without a doubt, had clear-cut evidence that proved that Nermin was not innocent.

Nizama’s ex-husband allegedly beat her in the video. Her face was seen flooded with blood. It is critically sensitive and inappropriate content to show live on social media. Soon, the discussion of public exploded, and the report is getting Viral On Reddit.

More details on Nizama Murder

It got to the notice that not only one video surfaced on the internet. Nermin posted three videos in total. 

In the first video, he was seen focusing the camera on Nizama and beating her harshly. He then murders Nizama by shooting her a straight shot in the head. The baby was crying in the background. Upon noticing, the other two video reveals the chasing scene by police. 

After watching the video, people ask for justice through their reels in Tiktok. Nermin’s whereabouts are high in search engines. Read further and get the answer here.

Where is Nermin Sulejmanovic now?

The live steamed Nermin videos on Instagram grab massive interest from the public. The footage was horrific, and hence people wanted him to be arrested. But many people do not know that he is dead now. The officials of Bosnia did not detain Nermin. He shot himself after killing his ex-wife. 

People are looking for Nizama HećImović Instagram account as well. For your information, it is unavailable. But, we have some knowledge about her personal life. Let us dig into this in the below section.

Nizama Heclmovic Wiki

  • Full name: Nizama Heclmovic
  • Age: Unknown
  • Marital status: Single mother
  • Ex-husband: Nermin Sulejmanovic
  • Children: one
  • Nationality: Bosnia

We did not find data on her education, profession, parents, and more. Currently, she is in the public interest because she was murdered live by Nermin. Hence, our research found limited content in exploring Nizama Heclmovic Biography.


Nermin Sulejmanović.💯 He killed three people in Gradačac today and broadcasted it on Instagram then killed himself. nermin sulejmanovic video , nermin sulejmanovic ubistvo nermin sulejmano
by u/AutoModerator in tefog85505

The Nermin Instagram link is not accessible.


In conclusion, Nizama murder live video is unavailable on the internet. Nermin shot himself and lost his life. The video streamed live by Nermin was considered inappropriate and restricted by the moderators.

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Nizama Hecimovic Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1: Where did the brutal Nizama murder took place?

A: Bosnian town, Gradacac

Q2: When did this incident occur?

A: 11th August 2023. 

Q3: Did Nermin injure or kill any individual apart from Nizama?

A: Nermin killed two more individuals on Bosnia Street. Also, He injured a policeman, a woman, and one more man.

Q4: What was Nermin’s age?

A: 35 years old

Q5: What did Nermin do for a living? 

A: He was a professional bodybuilder and a fitness trainer.

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