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Nissan Stadium Twitter- Read The Lightning Policy

Nissan Stadium Twitter write-up has all the updates related to the Taylor Swift Eros tour concert held on Sunday at Nissan venue.

Has bad weather delayed the Taylor Swift show in Nashville’s Nissan stadium? Did the show finally occur, or was it abandoned due to lightning and storm in the area? The Sunday night show was a nightmare for stadium officials and fans of Taylor Swift. 

The show scheduled for 7.30 in the evening got delayed by two hours with the stadium’s advisory of moving to the shelter in place. The Nissan Stadium concert was the last show for Nashville, United States of the Eras Tour. Nissan Stadium Twitter has updated detail on the Sunday night show.


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Taylor Swift Show Delayed by Two Hours: 

Swift was to perform at Nissan Stadium on Sunday night in her last Nashville show as the star moves to Philadelphia for next weekend’s tour date. Swift’s performance was scheduled for 7.50 p.m., but bad weather conditions forced the stadium administration to delay the show by two hours. 

The venue alerted the fans on the social media site at 5.40 p.m. local time of bad conditions and asked them to move to a sheltered area or ramps. The social media post asked the fans to follow the guidelines of stadium officials for safety reasons. 

Nissan Stadium Lightning Policy:

The weather service forecasted a slight risk of thunderstorms in Davidson County of Nashville, United States, from mid-afternoon to late evening. This weather condition developed due to two storm systems in the west of Nashville. The concert officials were in touch with weather service staff and stadium personnel for the last-minute change.

The Nissan Stadium weather policy states that in case there is a chance of lightning within 8 miles of the stage, the venue must stop the concert and move people to shelter in place. The show can start after 30 minutes of no lightning within 8 miles of the stage.  

The Nissan Stadium Lightning Policy was implemented on Sunday to take precautionary measures for the safety of fans and performers. 

How Nissan Stadium Officials Reacted to Lightning?

The Nissan Stadium staff were in continuous touch with weather service personnel, fans, and the concert management team. It kept updating the concert status on social sites and asked fans to follow the guideline of the stadium staff on the ground. The Twitter handle of Nissan Stadium kept fans updated on the changing situation.

The handle asked people to move into the covered area like ramps or other shelter places while people in the car were advised to remain seated.

Nissan Stadium Twitter Handle Kept Fans Updated:

The Twitter handle kept fans updated on the chain of events taking place in the stadium. The next tweet appreciated the fans for their cooperation and patience as they waited for the storm to pass out. It also asked the audience to keep singing their favorite song and wait for the next update on the Eras concert. 

The 6.57 tweet gave fans hope that Swift’s show would have a delayed start and that spectators would get good news soon. The 9.03 p.m. tweet announced that the production team was working on the show, but fans show remained in a shelter for safety measures. 

Taylor Swift Post on Nissan Stadium Twitter:

Taylor Swift also reacted to the stormy weather and shared photos from an earlier concert in Nashville on Friday and Saturday. A Swift post at 7.54 p.m. local time on Sunday assured fans that the pop star would perform despite the rain and storm. Swift appreciated the Nashville crowd and described them as “beautiful and generous.” 

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Final verdict:

The venue’s 9.50 p.m. update warned people to move to their seats as Swift took to the stage at 10.11 p.m. 

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Nissan Stadium Twitter: FAQs

Q.1 What is Nissan stadium’sStadium storm policy?

Nissan stadium storm policy is to stop the concert in case the lightning strikes eight miles of the stage. 

Q.2 What is the timeline of Taylor Swift Eras Tour 2023?

The tour started on 17th March 2023 and will end on 9th August 2023.

Q.3 Who is accompanying Taylor Swift at Nissan Stadium?

Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers are accompanying Swift at Nissan Stadium. 

Q.4 Where will Taylor Swift perform in the last leg of Eras Tour?

Taylor will perform in Los Angeles in the last leg of the Eras Tour 2023.

Q.5 Is Taylor Swift’s show update available on Nissan Stadium Twitter?

Yes, an update related to the show is available on the stadium’s Twitter handle.

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