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Nintendo Direct June 2023 Leak: Where to Watch Nintendo Direct? Know Trending Predictions Here!

Today’s Nintendo Direct June 2023 Leak guide reveals the most exciting facts about a conference that will live stream shortly.

Did Nintendo company announce a direct conference? A Direct conference by Nintendo’s firm will start on June 21, 2023, at 03:00 p.m. UK time. After the company announced its conference, Nintendo users from the United States and other places were excited.

The conference will give a briefing about it game launches of the year and other exciting plans for the coming months. So, get more details on Nintendo Direct June 2023 Leak in this guide below.


Disclaimer: We reference actual events that occur around the globe without endorsing any particular program or activity.

Is Nentendo’s Direct conference leaked?

Let us look at the many leaks and rumors around this occurrence, regardless of whether formal confirmation has been given concerning the addition of data concerning Pikmin 4.

The lengthy forty-minute briefing will highlight games for the Nintendo Switch coming out in the coming months, such as Pikmin 4, launched on July 21, 2023. You may view the Nintendo Direct event broadcast at three o’clock UK BST.

Nintendo shared the information on Twitter with a teaser for the upcoming program. The eagerly awaited conference showing the most popular forthcoming Nintendo Switch titles has revealed an additional Nintendo Direct, and leaks have started to circulate.

About Nintendo Direct Predictions:

Gamers all across the globe are ready to learn what they may look forward to, seeing as the excitement for this approaching announcement rises. On June 21, 2023, at 07:00 a.m. PT, 10:00 a.m. ET, and at three o’clock BST, Nintendo of American region will stream a demonstration providing approximately forty minutes of content.

A few of the games speculated for the Nintendo Direct event in June 2023 include a fresh 2D Super Mario Bros title and an updated version of Chrono Trigger.

What did Nintendo’s company declare about its latest event?

You may join in for a live broadcast that will last approximately forty minutes and primarily covers Nintendo Switch games coming out this year, according to a Nintendo declaration featuring recent news on Pikmin 4.

Oatchi, the Space Dog, who may destroy barriers, move large items, and transport Pikmin on his shoulders, is one of the fresh game components in Pikmin 4. The Wave 5 Boost Track Pass would feature an additional eight courses to the gameplay, mostly from previous Mario Kart 8 titles.

Supporters will expect Nintendo Direct June 2023 Leak news about Metroid Prime 4, Hollow Knight Silksong, and even the Tears of the Kingdom DLC.

About Super Mario Brothers- 2D:

The upcoming Direct conference may announce a novel 2D Super Mario Bros title. According to reports, the Wrecking Crew’s Foreman Spike series and the newly published Super Mario Bros. Documentary will return in the next 2D Mario game.

The initial tease was tweeted by the trustworthy Snitch, who posted a picture of Mario with the comment, “Nintendo constantly does its affair,” which may be roughly interpreted. Additionally, Pyoro stated that they planned on announcing a 2D Mario gameplay, yet they added a clarification that the game’s name would not contain the term “New.”

Various rumors claim that Nintendo will release a Chrono Trigger version for the Nintendo Switch. Chrono Trigger, considered among the greatest RPGs ever made, is a time-traveling journey where gamers should go to the future, the past, and the present.

Where to Watch Nintendo Direct?

The Nintendo channel on YouTube will host the Nintendo Direct program in June 2023. Compared to other Direct demonstrations, you aren’t obligated to view this in real-time because the recording will be turned into a regular video on YouTube once it has concluded. You won’t be concerned about skipping the live broadcast when you cannot attend it.

You may set up YouTube alerts to receive alerts once the live stream starts, and Nintendo is already preparing to broadcast it on YouTube.

Which other popular games are added to Nintendo Direct Predictions

  • New Detective Pikachu- Pyoro has once more revealed a new title for the Direct. They shared a clip of the Detective Pikachu feature featuring Pikachu dancing that sparked rumors that another installment in the franchise might be revealed on the Switch. The animated image may have nothing to do with a revelation made within the Direct, although Detective Pikachu 2 has been reportedly “nearing launch” for some time.
  • SNES classic- The Direct will include an updated version of a SNES classic, according to sources, although they weren’t sure of the title of it. Several individuals speculate it might be Chrono Trigger 2D-HD or Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
  • Persona 3 Reload- The Nintendo Switch version of Persona 3 Reload is anticipated to be announced at the Nintendo Direct. A Play Asia page for the upcoming gameplay for the Nintendo Switch appeared to go up a few weeks ago, indicating that you will probably hear something shortly.

The Nintendo Direct will include numerous additional revelations. Since the corporation has not yet announced its holiday lineup, now is the ideal time to reveal its 2023 plans.

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At last, Nintendo revealed that a Direct presentation would take place on June 21, 2023, following weeks of leaks and rumors. The business used to hold a Nintendo Direct event with E3; although the E3 has passed, that timetable has changed slightly.

Do you plan to watch Nintendo Direct? Share which games you play on Nintendo.

Nintendo Direct June 2023 Leak: FAQs

Q1. When will Nintendo’s direct conference begin?

On June 21, 2023, a live stream of the Nintendo Direct for June 2023 will begin at ten o’clock Eastern.

Q2. What did Nintendo announce about the Mario game?

As per numerous rumors, Nintendo Direct will feature the announcement of an upcoming 2D Super Mario title.

Q3. How long will Nintendo’s direct conference last?

Nintendo stated that the presentation would last approximately forty minutes.

Q4. What is the presentation’s objective?

Nintendo’s latest presentation will center on Switch games going on sale this year.

Q5. What would Nintendo conference feature?

The Nintendo Direct conference for June 2023 will feature Pikmin 4.

Q6. What game is guaranteed from the Nintendo Direct in June 2023?

Pikmin 4, which will launch eventually during the summer, is the sole video game guaranteed to appear during the Nintendo Direct.

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