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{Full Watch} Nina Agdal Harvey Weinstein Video Viral On Telegram: Details On Video

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Nina Agdal Harvey Weinstein Video Viral On Telegram to learn about Nina’s leaked video.

The video of Nina surfaced online and on social media on 3rd/September/2023(EST). Her fans Worldwide raged in anger as explicit behaviour was not expected out of Nina. But the DramaAlert officially confirmed on Twitter on 3rd/September/2023 at 4:17 PM that the Nina Agdal Harvey Weinstein Video Viral On Telegram was not real!

About Nina Agdal’s video:

The video circulated on the internet with the tag – Nina Agdal Leaked. The video made it to several unauthentic grownup websites and Twitter. The Twitter pages posted several short clips from the video by censoring the body parts of a man.

It must be noted that there is no video of Nina and Harvey Weinstein. However, a few images of Harvey Weinstein were featured online, featuring Nina sitting in an intimate position. The status of Nina Agdal Trending video on Telegram is unknown.

The content of Nina’s video:

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The original video was 00:01:43 minutes long and 43.25 MB in size. The footage showed Nina sitting on her knees and grooming a man in a standing position. Later, 28 seconds of the video showed the man lying down and Nina resuming grooming the man. The body parts of Nina were not revealed.

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Harvey Weinstein and Nina video controversy :

Dillon Danis is Nina’s fiance, a mixed martial artist(MMA) fighter from America. Logan Alexander Paul is an actor, professional wrestler, social media personality, famous YouTuber, and a boxer from America. Dillon and Paul came face to face in the ring on Tuesday, 22nd/August/2023. After the fight, both engaged in intense verbal exchange, dragging Nina, Harvey Weinstein, Paul’s wife, and several social media personalities.

The next match between Dillon and Paul is scheduled for Saturday, 14th/October/2023. Eight latest Tiktok posts discussed about Nina, Harvey, Paul, and Dillon. Initially, Paul posted edited pictures and videos of Dillon and Nina on YouTube. The images replaced Dillon holding a toddle with the face of famous scientist Stephan Hawking; Nina’s edited photos show her sitting on the lap of Stephan Hawking and many more famous personalities.

Paul stated that before the upcoming match, he would like to disturb Dillon by posting such nuke pictures. Amid the controversy, dirty pictures involving Nina and Harvey Weinstein came up. No latest posts were present on Nina Agdal Twitter pages. Nina’s leaked video became a topic of discussion on podcasts involving other MMA fighters, including Ksi.

Therefore, Nina’s video is trending online. Ten Reddit posts discussed about Nina’s video. People speculate that the man in the video is Paul, who has an intense rivalry with Dillon. Thus, the video was made viral. But this is not confirmed officially.

Is Nina the woman in the video?

The video showed a lady whose facial features match Nina’s. No posts related to Nina’s video were present on Instagram. It is speculated that Nina is not the woman in the video!

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People started believing that pictures of Harvey and Nian were real. Harvey Weinstein was convicted of physical assault by many women. He was sent for 23-years in prison. Nina’s fans were angry about her relationship with Harvey, and Dillon’s fans were angry as Nina had cheated on him. However, the authenticity of Nina’s leaked video is suspicious.

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