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Nicola Bulley Reddit: Does She Has Boyfriend? Who Is Her Partner? What Is Their In The Trending Husband Video? Reveal Truth Now!

The article discusses the recent incident of Nicola Bulley Reddit and the present situation on Nicola’s missing case.

Is Nicola Bulley missing? The question is trending all over the internet and social media platforms. And people worldwide want to know about the current status of Nicola. As per the police report, Nicola was last seen walking with her dog on the river Wyre banks. 

But after that, Nicola is missing. For this reason, people want to know Nicola Bulley Reddit factor and her current status.


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What is on social media?

Many people have shared Nicola missing news on the social media platform, especially on Reddit. The information was uploaded 16 hours ago. And already, 579 people have commented on this matter.

You can find the news about Nicole Bully and her dog on this account. It is also described as the missing dog falling into the river. Many users have shared the report on social media platforms. And that is the reason the news is trending.

What Do You Know About Nicola Bulley Partner?

People also want to know about the marital status of Nicola Bulley. As per the resources, Nicola is a married woman. The name of her husband is Paul Ansell. His nickname is Pauly. Nicola is also the mother of two beautiful daughters with her husband. 

The daughters’ names are Sophia, who is six years old, and Harriet, who is one year old. Both her daughters are studying at Michael’s School in the United Kingdom.

Nicola Bulley Husband Video

Meanwhile, Nicola’s husband, Paul Ansell, has made a public video about his missing wife. It is a video for general help. In this video, Paul said they tightened the bond and hoped Nicole would return. And he and his family don’t believe Nicola has vanished into the air. He told the media it was an absurd argument. 

Paul also said, presently, he is focusing on their daughters. It is challenging to take care of two children without their mother. But many people also claim that Paul is not their husband; he is Nicola Bulley partner

Wiki Report on Nicola 

  • Full Name/Real Name- Nicola Jane Bulley
  • Nick Name- Nicola 
  • Birth Year- 1977
  • Age- 45
  • Present Residence- Essex, England. 
  • Marital Status- Married. 
  • Partner’s Name- Unknown
  • Nationality- British 
  • Nicola Bulley Boyfriend– No information

Other Information on Nicola 

Nicola’s father’s name is Ernest Bulley. Her mother’s name is Dot Bulley. Nicola has a sister, and her name is Louise Cunningham. As per the ethnicity, Nicola has Caucasian ethnicity. But presently, Nicola is holding a British passport. 

At an early age, Nicola studied at William De Ferrers School. Later she joined Thurrock Technical College. Nicola’s height is nearly 160 cm, and her weight is 51 113 lbs. 

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Final Document

Many people are curious to know her current whereabouts, but details are still unknown. Police are still doing an investigation and trying to find out about Nicola

Do you wish to share your views on the current situation? Please comment. 

Nicola Bulley Reddit– FAQs

a) What do you know about Nicola?

She is a protection and mortgage adviser. 

b) Is the Investigation going on to find Nicola?


c) When Nicola was missing?

She was missing from 27 January 2023. 

d) What is Nicola’s net worth?

Her net worth is 732.85 K.

e) What is the description of Nicola?

She has blue eyes and blonde hair. 

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