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Nick Chavez Pancreatic Cancer: Is He Die? What Is His Age? Check His Birthday, Wife, And Wikipedia Details!

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Nick was popular across Canada and the United States, where people expressed grief after his demise.

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What was the Cause of Death of Nick?

Nick has been suffering from stage 2 Pancreatic cancer since March 2020. He was a talented hairdresser from Yuma and Beverly hills. He had his salon in Beverly Hills. He earned strong clientele like Maria Shriver and George Lopez. His product, “Nick Chavez Beverly Hills,” became popular worldwide. He built a bright career in the hairstyle industry. Age of Nick was 66 at the time of his death.

About Nick Chavez


About Nick Chavez

Nick embarked on the journey of a hairstylist in the 1970s by opening his first salon in San Diego. He was a 25-year-old boy when he opened his first salon. Later he decided to move to Los Angeles, where he had opportunities to work with high-profile figures. During that time, he created some hairstyles that got a place in the modern hairstyling industry. 

Birthday of Nick is celebrated on December 16 as he was born on December 16 1956. Apart from being a hair stylist, he became an actor and a model. He became the cover model for some reputed magazines, including Vogue, GQ, Elle, and Esquire. He also tried to achieve an ‘Every Day Gorgeous’ look for his client’s hairstyle. He developed many popular hair styling techniques like blunt cuts and curling irons on men’s hair.

Life Partner of Nick

Nick was married to Alima, and they shared a loving marriage for 26 years until the death of Nick. He inspired many who wanted to build a career in the beauty world. He became famous as an international hair designer. He was an expert in the beauty industry. His useful beauty and spiritual techniques helped people become beautiful both inside and outside. Nick always tried to lift others. He showed great respect to women, which helped him to build a beautiful bond with his Wife

Career of Nick

Nick built such a career in the beauty industry, which led him to become popular worldwide. Besides being a cover model in reputed magazines, he was frequently invited by TV shows, including Good Morning America, The View, Extra TV, Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN Headline News. In these shows, he offered useful tips about different hairstyles. He also advised people on how to take care of their hair. Wikipedia also published many hairstyles created by Nick.

Clients of Nick

Due to his awesome hairstyling tips, Nick gained high-profile clients like Margeaux Hemmingway, Lisa Hartmann, and Belinda Carlisle. Before a few years of his death, he gained clients like Maria Shriver, Ivana Trump, George Lopez, Queen Noor etc. He created a brand which made him popular in the beauty market. Many celebrities offered their tribute to Nick after he Dies.

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Nick was a very kind person, and everyone mourned his death. He lived a beautiful life and also put effort to make the lives of others beautiful as well. Social media accounts are filled with a tribute to him. To know more, please visit the link

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Nick BioDetails -FAQs

Q1. When was Nick born?

On December 16, 1956.

Q2. At what age did Nick open his first salon?

At the age of 25. 

Q3. Where did Nick first open his salon?

In San Diego.

Q4. How did Nick die?

Nick died of stage 2 Pancreatic cancer.

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