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Niall Horan Heardle {April 2022} Know About Gameplay!

The article informs you about the new Update of the Heardle game and discusses the Niall Horan Heardle and its features.  

Are you a Heardle lover? Do you play the game every day? Now there is a new update coming to the game. The Update is exciting. In the famous match, Heardle adopted the “One direction edition”. It means gamers can have a sheet of lyrics of all the one direction songs from now. 

Players from the United States and Ireland are already excited about the new Update. Now it is time to know more about the whole new game update. So, focus on Niall Horan Heardle

What do you know about the new Update? 

Now let’s discuss the new Update. First of all, it must be clear that the first lyrics sheet comes with Niall Horan songs. If you are a game player, you now find the “What makes you beautiful” song’s first lyrics – “You are insecure, don’t know what for”. 

Many gamers in New Zealand and Australia still don’t understand the new opportunity. The player will have a sheet of opening lyrics of the songs. It will help them to identify the song and answer correctly.  

Why is it called Niall Horan Heardle

Niall Horan is one of the famous band One Direction or 1D members. It is an Irish-English band and very famous among its fans. Now Heardle has taken many songs from the One Direction Band. So, the gamers just need to listen to the song for the first few seconds and identify the song. 

But many times, players find it challenging to guess the song. So, the game authority will attach a lyric sheet to help the players. The top pieces are taken from the One Direction Brand. And that’s why fans of the United Kingdom call it Horan Heardle. 

Do you know the list of Niall Horan Heardle?

The new list will help the players of the game. If the gamers know the first few lines of the songs, they can easily guess it. But remember, all the songs don’t have opening lyrics. So, the gamers need to know the song’s first few notes. 

We are also sharing the few songs list that has lyrical Updates. 

  • First lyrics: “You’re insecure, don’t know what for- What Makes You Beautiful. 
  • First lyrics: “It feels like we’ve been livin’ in fast forward”- Up All Night
  • First lyrics: “Now that you can’t have me, you suddenly want me”- Taken. These are the songs of Niall Horan Heardle

Why the News is Trending

The news is trending because the songs are taken from one famous world-famous brand. Besides this, the players from Canada are thrilled with a new lyrical sheet. Many media have published the news and given priority to the latest Update. 


Heard has taken lots of songs from the one direction album. As per the latest Update- the songs are taken from famous albums like- “Made in the A.M”, “Midnight Memories”, “Four”, “Take me Home”, “Up All Night”, etc. So, many people call it Niall Horan Heardle

The information is taken from internet sources. Besides this, if you want to know more, check the link. Do you try the new Heardle? Please comment.  

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