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Ng Kok Song Ex Wife: Who Was NG Kok Song First Wife? How Did She Pass Away? Also Explore His Full Wikipedia Details

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Do you know NG Kok? Do you know about the Singapore election 2023? NG Kok has recently announced his participation in the Singapore election. People of the country are curious to know why he wants to run for the Singapore presidency. The latter has also announced the intention recently. The article will provide you with all the details regarding NG Kok and his personal life.

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Who is NG Kok’s ex-wife? 

NG Kok is a well-known economist. He has been in the news since he announced his participation in the Singapore election in 2023. People are curious to know about his first wife as the latter has a fiance. NG Kok’s wife is no more as she left the world many years back. His ex-wife is Patricia who passed away in 2005. NG was married to Patricia but she passed away several years ago. Currently, he is not married to anyone but has a fiance. 

Who is NG Kok Song Fiance?

NG Kok Song is trending all over the world. People have shown interest in knowing his personal life. NG Kok Song’s fiance is Sybil Lau. Sybil is a Canada-based Singaporean. As per the online sources, Sybil works in Ray Dalio’s family office in Singapore. Additionally, she is the director of a Canadian clinic, WELL Health Technologies. 

NG Kok’s fiance is a successful woman. As per online sources, the couple has known each other for four years. NG Kok is 75 years old whereas his fiance is 45 years old. NG Kok Song First Wife passed away several years back and his current relationship is supported by his children.

Why is NG Kok trending? 

NG Kok is trending as he has participated in the Singapore election of 2023. NG Kok has also stated his intention behind his participation in the election. NG stated that the decision was prompted by the concerns regarding integrity of the country’s national institutions. He is highly known for his expertise in global financial markets. The Singapore presidential elections are scheduled to be held on 13 September 2023. It’s been several years since NG Kok’s wife Passed Away but people still searching for his ex-wife.

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Wrapping up this post, NG Kok is ready to participate in the Singapore election of 2023 and run for the presidency. NG’s first wife passed away due to stomach cancer. Currently, he is dating a 45-year-old woman, Ms Sybil Lau. You can read more details about NG Kok presidential bid on this page.

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NG Kok Girlfriend: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is NG Kok’s girlfriend?

Ans. NG Kok has a fiance, Sybil Lau who is 45 years old.

Q2. How old is NG Kok?

Ans. NG Kok is currently 75 years old.

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