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Nft11 Token {Sep} Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

Explore the Nft11 Token details that offer a series of football tournaments and exciting rewards to the holders. Hurry up.

Are you curious to play and earn cryptocurrency? Do you want to know the platform offering fantastic gameplay to the users? Then we are here to provide the details of NFT 11. 

The NFT platforms and it’s ever-growing success in various countries, especially Brazil, have uplifted the crypto market. Moreover, the updates and the unique features introduced in these platforms often grabs the interest of users.

Let’s explore Nft11 Token and see how this platform can provide profits. Moreover, we will also make you aware of the recent updates in the game so stay tuned.

What is Non-Fungible Tournament 11?

It is a blockchain-based game inspired by soccer that allows investors to make their football team and earn money. By providing fair transactions, the platform wants to create transparency among its users. The NFT 11 goal is to create a series of games on the same ecosystem so that many users can get attracted to the platform.

When the participants enter the play to earn  economy of Nft11 Token, they add value to other members and developers. In return, they are offered in-game assets, including cryptocurrency, in-game items and many more exciting items.

Founders of the Non-Fungible Tournament 11

Mike Lam is the co-founder of the platform that offers a way to earn crypto. He has used the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning in sports. The CMO of the token is Chance. Having a brief knowledge of product and market development, he leads the teams in Singapore, Beijing and Vietnam.

Nft11 Token Price Chart 

  • Price – $0.00
  • Total supply – 2000000 NFT 11
  • Holders – 1 addresses
  • Staking rewards – 30%
  • Public Sales – 10%
  • Private sales – 5%
  • Audits – at present, it is not available, but the official website has reported the audits will be released soon.
  • Users – 7036
  • Volume – $ 10, 457, 899
  • NFTs – 28521

What is the latest update made in the game?

According to the last update made in the NFT 11, the developer wants to make it a digital universe for enthusiastic soccer players, so they provide a fantasy football game to an extreme new level.

Nft11 Token holders can experience a real football manager that manages all the aspects of their team, i.e. from training to the end of the tournament. 

What functions does Non-Fungible Tournament 11 can perform?

Before knowing the process to access the coin, it’s crucial to know the functions of the cryptocurrency. Let’s have a look over it.

  • This utility token allows the users to access the booster packs in the game. It helps to win the match with ease.
  • When you give training to your team’s players in the stadium, your account will be rewarded with NFT 11 move cards.
  • The Nft11 Token brings series of tournaments for the holders.

How to buy the Nft 11?

 Presently, no updates of the process to purchase the token is available online. Thus it would be better to wait for some time and stay tuned with us.

However, you can check the NFT 11 available on the Twitter account to know all the latest updates of the token.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we do trading and exchanges with NFT 11?

Yes, we can perform exchanges with the coin.

  • What is the contract address of the coin?



Putting an end to today’s article, we shared the brief details of the Nft11 Token with you. The platform offers an opportunity of free to play and earn crypto to the users. So, if you are looking forward to adding the token to the wallet, check out the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading.

What are your views about the Nft 11? Comment and share with us.

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