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NFT Yakuza Cats {Oct} How To Buy? Contract Address

Want to explore the NFT Yakuza Cats, often called a rare collection of wild cats? Read the content and know the way to access them.

Are you interested in the collection of NFT’s that have beautiful Japanese artistic designs and possess a strong roadmap? Then you are surely at the right place by sharing today’s content; we highlight the details of Yakuza cats with you.

The NFT’s of art, culture and gaming are quite popular worldwide, including in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. It is why the newest NFT collectibles attract investors.

Let’s explore NFT Yakuza Cats and know its roadmap. Moreover, we will also share how to access this NFT, so stay tuned till the end.

What is the Yakuza Cats Society?

It is a society offering more than eight thousand Yakuza cats in an open marketplace. The first oyabun of the Yakuza society got old and passed away. As a result, dogs and cats started living their separate lives.

Different organizations provide them homes. These are established in Tokyo and Osaka. Both of them had a battle with the aim to rule over Japan. So, if you are excited to know who will fight and rule over the Island of Japan, you have to purchase NFT Yakuza Cats and add them to your account.

Founders of the Yakuza Cats

Eight members create the society of real and wild cats. Though the core team of Yakuza cats belongs to different backgrounds, they all have a common trait. The primary focus is only on art and crypto.

The community is led by Koroshiya. Shokunin is a blockchain developer. Moreover, the head of marketing, designer, and head of operations have contributed to present cats’ exclusive NFT’s.

NFT Yakuza Cats – Basic Info

  • Marketplace – OpenSea
  • Blockchain – Ethereum
  • Mint Fee – it depends on the auction graph. However, the starting price of this NFT is 0.893 ETH to 0.0893 ETH
  • Maximum cats that can be mint at a time – 5
  • Syndicates – Yameowguchi – gumi, Sumiyoshi -Kai

What are the benefits of joining syndicates of Yakuza Cats?

Once you stake the NFT collectibles of Yakuza cats, you can register yourself for its syndicates. The investors will be rewarded at early stages. It means for one month, all of them will get 100 DAMA tokens each day. However, the community will also look forward to providing more benefits to NFT Yakuza Cats holders.

Roadmap of Yakuza Cats

  • The community will gather 8930 members and will offer a giveaway of ten yakuza cats.
  • The cats listed above 0.5 ETH will be taken back by the society when the Yakuza dies.
  • After the sold-out of the NFT, the team will launch conquests, open wars and interesting battles for the holders.

Thus, the Yakuza Cats society will offer buyback, airdrops and battle games to increase people’s interest.

How to buy Yakuza Cats?

Out of an 8.9 K collection of wild cats, OpenSea offers the opportunity to access NFT Yakuza Cats.

  • You have to connect your Ethereum wallet.
  • Add some funds to it.
  • Choose the Yakuza Cat you want to access.
  • Pay the gas fee and minting price.

By following these easy steps, you will become the owner of Yakuza Cat. Moreover, if you are interested to know the latest tweets of Yakuza, we recommend you to check its official Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is the contract address of Yakuza?
  • 0x454cBC099079DC38b145E37e982e524AF3279c44
  •   What is the floor price?
  • 0.598 ETH


Winding up the article, we shared all the details of NFT Yakuza Cats. However, if you want to grab the wild cat and become a part of the fierce fight, learn the details of the Best Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading.

What are your opinions about the collectibles of Yakuza Cats? Comment and share with us.

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