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NFT Solagon {Oct 2021} Coin Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Want to explore the NFT Solagon that claims to offer profit percentage to its holders and charity? Read the content and get the details.

Do you want to know about the NFT collection of baby dragons living on Solana? Are you curious to collect the details of NFT whose minting is live out now? Then you are indeed on the right platform as by sharing today’s content, we will make you aware of the NFT collection of Solagon.

The latest tweet shared by the team members of Solagon that winners of this NFT will be listed out after the complete sold out on Twitch Livestream has excited the investors in Turkey and the United States to grab its collection. So, before accessing, let’s explore NFT Solagon!

What is Solagon?

It is a collection of baby dragons that are generated algorithmically. The collection of Solagon is available on the Solana blockchain. The minting of this NFT was started on October 4, 2021. Moreover, the team has created more than seven thousand baby dragons from the total possibilities of 500k. Isn’t it amazing?

What are the features of Solagon?

Before investing in any NFT, we always have a question: why should we purchase this NFT? Well, the exclusive features that NFT Solagon holds give an appropriate answer.

  • The profits earned by the Solagon will be given as a donation to the NGO that promotes the better living of children. Moreover, all the transactions will be verified.
  • The profit percentage of the royalties will be given to the holders as a reward.
  • The platform of Solagon works on a first-come, first-serve basis. It means all the early holders of this NFT will receive an extra profit percentage.
  • Solagon will launch play to earn games in the future, and special benefits will be given to its NFT holders.

NFT Solagon has much more to offer to its holders in the coming years. But, at present, the good cause of the platform and its profit offering scheme is fantastic.

Few words about Solana

The Solana is well recognised as the fastest-growing ecosystem in the crypto market, holding more than four hundred projects, including DeFi and NFT. The collectables of Solagon are also available on the Solana network.

Being a user-friendly app, it is a scalable platform where investors can easily access and do minting of the NFT’s.

Basic info of NFT Solagon

  • Blockchain included – Solana
  • Mint Price – 2 Sol
  • Total Supply – 7777
  • Total possibilities – 500k
  • Type of NFT – it is a collection of baby dragons

Roadmap of Solagon

  • The platform will combine with primary marketplaces of NFT on the Solana network with a volume of dollars.
  • After completing the adoption of 50% of the baby dragons, the team members of the Solagon will offer a donation to the charity.
  • Once all the baby dragons are sold out, the holders of NFT will be chosen randomly as a winner.
  • The community will decide the second project to give more donations to the NGO’s.
  • The holders of the NFT Solagon will get a chance to play a battle game and earn profits from it.

How to buy this NFT collection?

  • Visit the official website.
  • You will see an option to connect your wallet.
  • The platform supports Sollet, solflare, slope and Phantom.
  • Choose your baby dragon and complete your transactions to get this NFT

Moreover, keep yourself updated with the giveaway of Solagon on its Twitter account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the official website of Solagon?


  • Who are the founders of this NFT?

No details are available


By sharing the content, we have tried our best to make you aware of NFT Solagon. If you are interested in buying it, learn the Best Apps For Cryptocurrency Trading.

What are your views about the baby dragons presented by Solagon? Comment and share with us.

Moreover, keep yourself updated with the giveaway of Solagon on its  

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