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This article gives you information regarding the latest tweet of a famous personality and the NFT Snoop Dogg and people’s reactions towards it. Start reading.

Have you seen the latest news headlines about the actions of Snoop Dogg? Do you want to know about the move that snoop Dogg just took to shock everyone? Well, we all know that Snoop Dogg is a famous personality Worldwide and is investing in the NFT is a good decision?

Well, in this article, we will discuss the NFT Snoop Dogg and tell you how it affects the crypto market and whether this decision is favorable or not. 

What was the latest announcement of the Snoop Dogg?

On the official Twitter account of the famous rapper and artist Snoop Dogg, there was an announcement that he is the person behind the function of a collectible NFT website, i.e., CozomoMedici. The post was updated on 21st September 2021.

According to the reports, it is stated that now Snoop Dogg holds the collection of blue chips whose worth is around millions Worldwide. However, let’s put some light on CozomoMedici and know more about it. 

NFT Snoop Dogg- about CozomoMedici

CozomoMedici is an online pseudonym that is responsible for collecting the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). No one knows the real identity of CozomoMedici as it was just a Twitter handle that stores the NFT but with the latest announcement of Snoop Dogg, he said in his Twitter run, “I am CozomoMedici.”

Well, that announcement indeed shocked the world and his fans as they were not expecting this thing and also, it somewhat changed the status of the crypto market. 

What Snoop Dogg’s current Twitter Status Changes the dynamics of the Crypto market?

Well, according to the latest newsfeed, we can find that the number of followers of CozomoMedici and NFT Snoop Dogg is increasing every minute. The last observation of the followers was around 19.2 million and rising. 

The CozmoMedici is now headlining with the Nine CryptoPunks, made by the Larva labs and consists of 10,000 pixel-art images.

What is the name of Snoop Dogg’s NFT?

Before revealing the Snoop Dogg as CozomoMedici, he released the NFT in the name of ‘A Journey with the Dogg.’  In this NFT, people can look at the memories of his early journey, and one of the portions of his earning goes into the care and support of young and emerging talents. 

How do people react after the recent status of Snoop Dogg? 

As we know, NFT Snoop Dogg is behind the CozomoMedici, which he mentioned in his latest tweet but does it change anything? It is observed that with the recent status, the followers and the collection are increasing day by day. 

In the recent news, we have seen that $17 million get funded on the Ethereum NFT, and it is clear that it is because of the Snoop Dogg coming out as CozomoMedici. You can check here more details about Snoop Dogg’s NFT.

Wrapping it up

After collecting all the information, we can conclude that the NFT Snoop Dogg does impact the market after its new tweets and coming out as CozomoMedici. It gradually increases the followers and funding stages.

Please share your views after Snoop Dogg’s latest tweet in the comment section. 

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