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NFT Moonie (September 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

The guide shares details about the new play-2-earn platform NFT Moonie and the market analysis of the token.

A next-generation NFT backed play-to-earn platform has been launched that attracts many Crypto investors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and Poland. Moonie NFT is the play-to-earn platform where each NFT is unique and used in the gamified decentralized finance ecosystem.

Investors or holders of the NFT tokens can compete with others in the price race, play games, or earn yields in the research lab while competing for the top rank on the leader boards.

NFT Moonie gives investors multiple options to earn with their NFTs and increase the earning with farming.   

What is Moonie NFT?

Moonie NFT is the play-to-earn platform that is backed by the Moonie NFT creatures. The platform is focused on offering a next-generation platform for gamified yield generation with NFT backed play-to-earn platform. 

The Moonies are the pixel art creatures or avatars in the meta-universe, and it offers all the things that investors are looking for in the Crypto world. The holders can compete in the price race, play the games or compete for the top position in the leader boards. 

Owners of NFT Moonie can also participate in gamified yield farming to increase their earnings. The platform offers exceptional options to earn using skills and wealth instead of time.      

Who are the Founders of Moonie NFT?

As per the official website, Michal Szachno and Lukasz Kowalshi are the co-founders of the platform. The company is backed by market leaders like Polygon, MoonBoost Capital, Everse Capital, Morningstar Ventures, and Chainlink. 

With the developer’s experience, the platform has managed to create an active community of 180000+ users.

The Market Cap, Supply, and Live Price Data of NFT Moonie

The live price of the token is $0.057535. There is no change in the price trend in the last 24 hours. The highest trading volume registered by the token in the last 24 hours is $20 818 419.

The present marketing ranking of the token is #2700, and it is decided based on the market capital. However, there is no data on the market cap, and the fully diluted market cap of the NFT Moonie token is $115 069 643.45.

The total circulating supply data is not available. However, the maximum supply of the token is 2 000 000 000 MNY.  

How to Buy Moonie NFT?

  • Sign-up with a trusted digital wallet to buy NFTs
  • Link your wallet to the exchange and transfer funds to the wallet
  • Find the live price chart of the token using contract address 0xA6F7645ed967FAF708A614a2fcA8D4790138586f
  • Decide the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to swap
  • Click on the swap button to buy NFT Moonie tokens
  • Set a slippage, and you are done

You can also get the NFTs from Moonchest, which is available during the events. You can convert the Moonchest for NFTs on the platform. 


Q1. What is the Official Site of the Token?

A1. The official site of the platform and the token is https://moonie.io/

Q2. What Contract Address to Use When Buying the Token?

A2. The contract address to use for buying the token is 0xA6F7645ed967FAF708A614a2fcA8D4790138586f

Q3. What is the Market Rank of the Token?

A3. As per the sources, the market rank of the token is #2700, and it is based on the present market capitalization of the token. 


Play to Earn NFT Moonie or earn money with the NFT creatures in the game. Moonie NFT is the platform that lets you earn while playing arcade games. 

If you are interested in playing games and earn money simultaneously, then it is the platform worth considering. However, before jumping into the Crypto world, ensure to learn more about the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021.

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