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NFT Flippies (Sep 2021) Price, Prediction, How To Buy?

This blog is written based on facts of NFT Flippies. Please read it to gather knowledge regarding this new & trending digital token and its price details.

Do you want to try to invest in Non-fungible virtual coins? If yes, don’t turn off this blog, as it might turn into useful content for you.

Today we have brought another NFT digital asset platform that has attracted several investors in Vietnam recently. The NFT Flippies came up with a novel approach in the crypto market. Let’s ride the bus and know about this crypto and its mechanism deeply-

What is Flippies Token?

Flippies is a newborn NFT focused on invading a ‘Solana’ blockchain. Based on its site’s information, the tokens will be stored in Arweave, which is a permanent ‘Decentralized’ data-storage protocol and Solana blockchain.

Every flippei that is generated requires around 50 attributes, which is spread more than five various layers. If someone obtains rarer attributes and then their flippei will be considered as a rare token. Each and every produced NFT Flippies has a specific ID, that is ranging from 1-10000. The token mechanism is unique, and according to protocol, everyone will have similar chances on any token.  


The token types are-

  • Solana: 2.54%
  • Zombie: 6.84%
  • Alien: 4.34%
  • Original: 28.45%
  • Green: 29.37%
  • Pink: 28.46%

Note: Among those, the common pink, green and the original tokens are considered as rare.

Who has created this token?

In order to source information, the core team that has been directly involved with this project is- Skipper, who is the commander, Kowalski, who is the right-hand man, Rico, the lead designer; and Private is the ‘Jack of all traders.’

Tokenomics of NFT Flippies:

  • Details of Total Supply: According to the leading platform, the total supply to 14th September 2021 is 1,000,000,000,000 NFT.
  • Current Price: Based on the data on Coin Alpha, it is 0.000000084374075 USD.
  • Contract ID Information: It is 0x838505577ae798dfcbb1d73467522b95d6045e94.
  • Holders’ Details: To date, the 109 address holders have been found.
  • Decimal: The total decimal count is 18.
  • Transfers Details: The number is 1610.
  • Market Cap: It is 84374.
  • Type of this Token: The token type is BEP-20.
  • Social Profile: No social profile has been mentioned. 
  • Add Date: It is 11th September 2021
  • Price Change in 24 hrs: The price of NFT Flippies has risen by 2.09%.
  • Details of Fully-Diluted Market Cap: It is 0.00$.

How and where can people trade Flippei?

The trading process hasn’t been visible on its official site. Moreover, because the token hasn’t been exhibited for too long, the purchasing process isn’t available on any exchange platform. Otherwise, the token hasn’t specified its social profile link since we couldn’t check the data there. Our readers are suggested to be with us as we will update you about the procedure once the developer reveals it.

Price Prediction of NFT Flippies:

There is no data regarding future price details on the weblogs.


  • Is trading Flippies safe?

Ans- The token is newly published; hence investors are requested to check every aspect before investing.

  • Where can we purchase the token?

Ans- The trading process is still unclear, as no information has been disclosed by the founder.

Final Verdict:

The token has been one of the popular NFT in Turkey after disclosing its unique concept. As per the data on Flippies the transfer process has already started. However, please check each detail before dividing to invest in NFT Flippies. Know the next big cryptocurrency 2021. Please read the daily article to remain updated. Do you want to know more? Mention below.

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