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Nfl Player Guessing Game Wordle {March} Explore Gameplay

The article elaborates the information about the game related to NFL players, and people fond of the NFL can try Nfl Player Guessing Game Wordle.

Do you like to play puzzles and do you know of wordle games? Are you looking for different games rather than solving routine puzzles? Did you search for those games? While searching, did you go through Weddle Games? Have a look at the below article to know more information.

The game has vast fans across the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. More details of the game and Nfl Player Guessing Game Wordle are provided below.

What is the Weddle game?

Weddle, a game based on the popular National Football League, is said to be a unique version of the Wordle game. Also, the game has received generally positive reviews since its inception.

The game is released newly online. Game is developed for the players who are attracted to watching NFL. The players have to find the NFL player’s name by using the hints in limited attempts, and they share the correct answer on social media by selecting the related option. 

Let us have a look atNfl Player Guessing Game Wordle.

How to play the Weddle game?

Few processes are to be followed to play the game.

  • Visit the website of the game
  • The players should guess the NFL player names.
  • Within 8 attempts, the player has to guess the wordle for the day, and the score is high if guessed in a few attempts.
  • Like the wordle game, the tile colours also indicate whether the word is correct or not. Based on that player has to play and solve the puzzle of the day.
  • If the tile has green colour, then it indicates correctly.
  • Nfl Player Guessing Game Wordle, where the yellow in height and age column denotes the player is nearer to finding the correct answer.
  • If the puzzle for the day is solved, it can be published on social media by selecting the share the result option.
  • If players didn’t find the name of the NFL player to solve the puzzle, then SILHOUETTE is enabled, which helps to present the image of the hints that help to solve the puzzle.
  • Only one puzzle is solved per day, and new puzzles are launched each day.

The game is played online from anywhere.

Nfl Player Guessing Game Wordle

The people enjoy playing the game and guess the NFL player’s name in eight tries. The best way to find the answer to a game is to read the current NFL players once before playing.


As per research, the game is different from playing a wordle game in which the players have to guess the NFL player’s name instead of everyday words. Players with knowledge about the NFL easily be cracked. 

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Get the details about the Nfl Player Guessing Game Wordle and play it online.

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