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Nexis Refund Scam: Check Complete Information On Nexus Refund

What is Nexis Refund Scam? What are the details about Nexus Refund? Read the details here.

What are the details on Nexis Refund Scam? Why is this keyword trending on social media? Is Nexis and Nexus refund the same thing? What is Nexus refund? People from the United Kingdom are trying to read the details about this website. Is it s scam? Is it an authentic website? Is this website related to tour and travel? 

Details About The Nexis Refund Scam

There is a website named Metro Refund, but its URL has ‘Nexus’ word in it. This is a UK-based website. Here, they claim to provide a guide on how to claim your metro ticket refund. In-case your metro is late and you are on the platform. They have provided elaborated content related to the subject. We will discuss few details about this website.

Note: Many other websites are popping up with the keyword. But we found this website to be most appropriate. The URL involves the country name keyword, and that is ‘UK.’ Thus, our search was filtered.

Legitimacy Of Nexus Refund

Here are few authenticity factors to look for:

  • Trust Score of Nexus Refund: It is 58.4; this score is considered Mediocre.
  • Domain Creation Date:  It was registered on 16th February 1998.
  • Last Update: It was last updated on 14th August 2023.
  • Domain Expiry Date: It will expire on 16th February 2024.
  • Name of the Registrar: Pulsant (Scotland)
  • HTTPS Connection: Valid and safe connection.
  • Website’s Popularity: It is very poor and close to zero. 
  • Probability of Suspicious Website: It is 24 out of 100.
  • Blocklist Status: No Blacklisted domain on this website. 
  • Reviews: The website has probably no reviews on this website. 

Any details related to the Nexis Refund Scam were not prominent in the search. But, the website has many red flags. Owner details need to be provided, and social media presence needs to be stronger. 

More on Nexis Refund

There are many websites related to the “Nexis” keyword. One such website is ‘LexisNexis.’ But this website belongs to a CD & Printer selling company. Thus, it is not related to our keyword. It is a store where you can buy Pinter and more. 

Then, after extensive research, we found one review on Trip Advisor. Where a person has provided a review on ‘Nexis Tours.’ Let us check more details about it.

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Nexus Refund Review & More

Although, we were able to cross-check that the company ‘Nexus Tours’ talked about in this review is not the same as ‘Nexus Refund.’ As of writing this article, we have found that there is a website for Nexus tours, and it is different from the Nexus Refund. A person who posted a review on their page was about their transporting services. 

Additional Details

Thus, the website we have discussed is the one everyone is searching for. There are no more details, but people are calling refund services a scam, and we will provide an update, so stay tuned. 

Conclusion on Nexis Refund Scam

In today’s article, we have discussed a website that claims to provide metro’s refund if it late up to 15 minutes. But, people are calling this website a fraud and scam. As per the collected details, we were unable to ascertain the authenticity of this website. It has a lot of red flags. Read here and beware of such a website; click here.

Do you know about the Nexus Refund? Please write a comment about Nexus refund. 

Disclaimer: The keyword had a ‘Scam’ word. But, upon the research, we did not find any such details. Along with the Nexus refund website, we found other websites with the same name. Thus, we have provided details of a few. 

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