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New Viral Scandal November 2022: Check All Details Pinay On Cemetery

The article reveals the details of the New Viral Scandal November 2022 about the couple found together in the Cemetery and all the associated links.

Are you aware of the latest viral scandal in Cemetery? Video links of the minor couple have been circulating on the Internet, giving rise to a new sensation. People of Philippines are lashing the two of them for their inappropriate actions and are demanding it to be stopped from further on. 

The scandal came into the limelight in November, and people are eager to click on every possible link that directs them to the video. More detailed reports on the New Viral Scandal November 2022 are provided further.


Reports of the Viral Scandal

The scandal came into focus in November 2022 when people found two minors involved in obscene acts. The video went viral as soon as it was released on the Internet; since then, people have been searching for it. The scandal is believed to be circulated in a large region, and people are backlashing the incident. 

People searching for the link will not find it exactly as it has been removed from the Internet, and no authentic sources are related to the link. We also came to know that the person account has been suspended who circulated the video.

Details of Pinay Scandal On Cemetery

The scandal video circulated to a vast number of people, and it gained substantial unwanted attention. Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit have become the primary source from where these videos are circulated. Still, even those platforms do not provide access to the video and have suspended all accounts that were involved in leaking the video.

The video is unsuitable for kids and also for immature audiences under the age of 18 years. It is advised to maintain caution before watching such videos. The online platform has done a great job after taking down the video and stopping the spread of the New Viral Scandal November 2022Within no time, the video got viral, and it became an internet sensation.

People’s viewpoint on the viral scandal

People are backlashing the incident after they found the video of two immature kids who do not even seem to be teenagers in lovemaking, that too, in the Cemetery. These shameful acts are intolerable, and people demand solid laws and rules under these activities in public places. 

The couple does not look like grown-ups and falls in the minor category. The best part is that the video has been taken down but still, their faces can be seen in the images leaked online. The Pinay Scandal On Cemetery shows they were couples, but there is no confirmation. 

The videos from Reddit have been removed, and some comments are mentioned, which can be found here.

What is in the video?

In the viral scandal video, two minor couples are involved in lovemaking in the Cemetery. People have raised questions about their age, and they doubt them to be teenagers as they do not look like them. They seem to be immature couples, and these acts in public are unacceptable.

The place they chose for their acts also became why the video went viral. The New Viral Scandal November 2022 is circulated because the act was carried out in a cemetery which is unimaginable for anyone.  People who want to know the details can go through the viral video


The viral scandal is making rounds all over the Internet, and it has become a talk among the viewers. These kinds of activities by minors must be stopped and reported to the official authorities. What do you think of the video? Comment below.

New Viral Scandal November 2022-FAQs

  1. Why is the video viral?

The video showcases two minors involved in lovemaking in a cemetery.

  1. Is it suitable for all age groups?

No, only those above 18 years of age can watch the video.

  1. Who are the minors in the video?

No information about them has been revealed.

  1. Is there any link to the viral video?

No, it is a bit challenging to reach the video.

  1. What is the hub of this video?

The video was circulated on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram.

  1. What is Pinay supposed to mean?

Pinay refers to Filipino women.

  1. What is a cemetery?

A cemetery refers to a graveyard and a ground for burying dead bodies.

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