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New Titanic Footage 2023: Grab Complete Information On New Footage of Titanic

This research on New Titanic Footage 2023 will help the readers to know the new 3D construction of Titanic. Kindly read all the informative details here.

Can you recall the incident of 1912 when a huge ship submerged? If you are thinking about Titanic, then you are right. Recently, research has been made on where the shipwrecks were discovered. New Titanic Footage 2023 has surprised everyone not only in the United States but the entire world. In this post, we will mention all the required details on the discovery of the Titanic Wreck. Please keep reading this post.


New Footage Of Titanic 2023 Revealed!

According to online sources, Magellan undertook the largest scanning project under the water in the Atlantic where they found the wrecks of the Titanic. This expedition commenced in 2022 and the specialists found the wreck and took around seven hundred thousand pictures of this wreck after spending almost 200 hours creating a 3D construction of the sunk ship. 

New Footage of Titanic

Recently, Magellan Ltd has revealed a 3D construction of the Titanic that was sunk in 1912. This scanning project was carried out in the year 2022 with Atlantic Productions. The specialist spent almost 200 hours discovering the wrecks of the famous ship, Titanic that submerged in 1912. The new pictures show the complete view of the ship. It was shown in two sections that are the stern and the bow which were separated by around 2600 feet. The Titanic was explored in 1985 when the wrecks were discovered. However, the cameras only showed some parts as it was so big that the camera could not cover the complete footage. 

New Titanic Footage 2023 revealed the complete view of this ship. The new footage is quite fascinating and shows the debris that was surrounded by the broken vessels. In a picture, there was a hole on the right side that indicates the staircase space in the ship. 

DISCLAIMER: We intend to provide general information on this discovery by Magellan Ltd and we praise the efforts of the team who spent their crucial hours on this new 3D construction of the Titanic. Moreover, we assure that the information is taken from trustworthy sources. So, one can rely on it.

More on the New Picture of Titanic! 

New Footage of Titanic shows the complete 3D view of the Titanic. It is a digital scan full-sized picture that was constructed using the technique of deep sea mapping by Magellan Ltd. It lies around 12,500 feet under the Atlantic. This new expedition will help the viewers to know and understand what exactly happened in 1912. It will reflect more light on the incident that happened in 1912 when the Titanic submerged. 

Around 1500 people died during this incident and the ship was submerged completely. It was on the journey from Southampton to New York when it got struck by an iceberg. This led to the loss of many lives. New Titanic Footage 2023 will haunt some people after they will know how destructive this Incident was and how did it happen. This expedition is appreciated and the efforts of the team are saluted.


Summing up this post, we have shared all necessary details on the expedition by Magellan Ltd. The research has been completed after a long time. People were amazed after watching the pictures. 

Have you watched the newly launched pictures of Titanic? Kindly share your thoughts on this footage. 

New Titanic Footage 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who carried out the 3D construction of Titanic? 

Ans. As per online sources, Magellan Ltd started this expedition with Atlantic Productions. 

Q2. How long did it take for the specialist to create this 3D construction and complete the research?

Ans. As per online sources, it took around 200 hours to measure the breadth and the length only. 

Q3. How many people died during the submerging of the Titanic?

Ans. The reports show that around fifteen hundred people died during this incident.

Q4. When did this incident take place?

Ans. This incident took place in 1912.

Q5. What did the New Titanic Footage 2023 show?

Ans. This footage shows the two sections of the ship which were classified into the stern and the bow. It is separated by around 800 m. The debris of the ship is surrounded by broken vessels.

Q6. When was this expedition carried out?

Ans. It was carried out last year in 2022 in the summer.

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