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New Jersey Girl Bullied Video: Is It Still Getting Viral On Reddit & Tiktok Media? Was It First Posted on Twitter? Find Instagram, Youtube & Telegram Latest Updates Now!

Watch the New Jersey Girl Bullied Video here and know more details about the trending news in this article.

Have you come across the recent bully video of a girl? Who was the girl? Where is the bullied girl now? Is the bullied girl dead? What is her family’s reaction to the bully video? What is there in the video? 

To grab the answers to the above questions, go through the most trending article in the United States. Also, watch the edited clips of the New Jersey Girl Bullied Video here.


Disclaimer- The article elaborates on the details of the bully video of a New Jersey girl, and we do not intend to share any vulgar or sensitive content through it.

What happened to the New Jersey girl?

A tragic incident occurred with a girl in New Jersey on 1st February 2023. The innocent 14-year-old victim girl named Adriana Kuch faced a bully in her school. Three girls hit and kicked her, as the leaked footage of the bully video shows. 

After the video leaked on Tiktok and other social media platforms, the innocent bullied girl committed suicide out of embarrassment. The readers can find the essential social media links below.

What does the disturbing video show?

The video is quite disturbing as Adriana, the victim girl, was beaten mercilessly, as shown in the viral video on Telegram and more sites. As shown in the video, Adriana walked with her boyfriend down the high school hallway. 

Then a girl walked up to her and threw water on her face, which made her fall, and then Adriana was repeatedly punched by a group and kicked while she was on the ground. Another student watched and cheered while she was beaten and captured a video.

Is the video Viral On Reddit?

The video has spread on all social media platforms, including Reddit. A Reddit user shared the news of a New Jersey 14-year-old bullied girl’s news on the Reddit platform. The link for the same is stated below.

Besides Reddit, the tragic New Jersey bullied girl video also leaked on TwitterThe NewsNation media page shared a post of the bullied New Jersey girl.

Where is the victim girl now?

The victim girl Adriana passed away after she committed suicide in her home. The innocent girl committed suicide due to embarrassment as her bully video leaked on Youtube and other social media sites. The dead body of the 14-year-old innocent girl was found on 3rd February, exactly two days after her brutal video leaked.

What did Adriana’s fathers say on the news?

The grieving father of the deceased girl stated that he would bring awareness about the school bullying incidents and make sure to change the broken school policies. Adriana’s father also stated that she received threats and taunts on InstagramSnapchat, and other social media sites.

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We pray that the deceased girl’s soul rests in peace. Also, to know what happened with the bullied girl in New Jerseywatch the video now.

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New Jersey Girl Bullied Video-FAQs

Q1. Who was Adriana Kuch?

She was a young girl from New Jersey who was recently mercilessly bullied in high school.

Q2. What is Adriana’s father’s name?

Her father’s name is Michael Kuch.

Q3. How old was Adriana?

She was only 14.

Q4. What is the name of Adriana’s high school?

The name of her high school is Central Regional High School.

Q5. How many girls attacked Adriana?

Four girls attacked Adriana.

Q6. Who attacked Adriana?

Identity of the girls is not revealed yet.

Q7. Is the disturbing video available on the internet?

Yes, the videos are available on internet platforms.

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