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New Caledonia Shark Attack Video: Check Complete Information On New Caledonia Shark Attack 2023 Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

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Do you want to know about the Shark attack at New Caledonia? Are you eager to know how the Shark attacked a person? If so, read the article till the end. The news attack has spread across Australia and the United Kingdom. People are eagerly waiting for information about the victim.

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Who Was Attacked by a Shark?

An Australian tourist was attacked by a shark brutally. He was a 59 years old man who the Shark killed. The incident happened about 150 m from Chateau-Royal beach, located in the South of Noumea. It is believed that the man was swimming near a pontoon. He was bitten brutally many times by the Shark. The incident occurred at around 4.10 pm. The video has become Viral On Reddit and many other platforms.

Who Rescued the Victim?

The nearby jet skiers rescued the victim. Emergency services arrived at the scene. The man got severe injuries on one leg and both arms. Although paramedics performed CPR, he could not be saved. Paramedics said the man got bitten three times on his right leg and both arms. The rescuers tried for 40 minutes to save him. But, he could not be saved. Sonia Backs, the President of New Caledonia’s Southern Province, said she expressed her condolence to the man’s family.

Viral on Tiktok

The video of the incident became viral on various platforms, including TikTok. The people are discussing the incident. The link to the video has been spread across social media platforms. The people wants to know more about the man and the incident. It has been stated that those who witnessed the incident became shocked and speechless. Some young children became shocked by seeing the incident. It has been suspected the Shark was quite large. The video also circulated on Instagram.

About the Victim

Not many details are available regarding the victim. The man was 59 years old and was swimming about 150 meters from the beach. The beach has been closed, and drones were deployed to track the Shark. The Shark was believed to be a tiger Shark. It was the third attack near Chateau-Royal beach in the last few months. Consular assistance has been provided to the family of the victim. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also offered condolence to the victim’s family. The people have shared the link to the Youtube video of the incident.

About the Beach

Three attacks have taken place in three weeks near the beach. The people are demanding that the beach should never be reopened. Otherwise, more people may lose their lives. Some other people are saying that the beach should have closed earlier. Now, people are afraid of going to the beach. The video has spread to Telegramand people are sharing it further. Those who have watched the video have also supported that the beach should be closed to evade such incidents.

The people have been alerted and warned against going to the Château-Royal beach. The news has surfaced on Twitter as well.

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The man died on the scene even if the paramedics tried to save him. People are claiming that such a dangerous beach should be closed. People should also be careful in the future. To know more, please visit the link

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New Caledonia Shark Attack 2023-FAQs

How old was the victim?

59 years old.

At what beach did the incident happen?

Chateau-Royal beach.

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