Complete Information About What Is the Value of Network Engineer Certification

What Is the Value of Network Engineer Certification?

At present, in addition to the software test, there are also the CCNA / CCNP / CCIE Series (hereinafter referred to as CC Series) Examinations sponsored by Cisco. CC Series Tests are organized by manufacturers, with obvious manufacturer preference. From the perspective of manufacturers, such examinations must be conducted around the use and management of manufacturers’ products. Therefore, the practice of the CC Series Tests will be stronger than the software test, but the theory may not be better than the software test.

In the past few years, the society favored CC Series Certificates. But at present, the popularity of these certificates have declined considerably. On the one hand, the development of other network manufacturers squeezed Cisco’s market share. On the other hand, it is the decline of the authority of CC Series tests. We Chinese are the best at examinations and are also the best at passing examinations in various ways. Whether it is certification in the IT industry (such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Certification), or certification in other industries (such as TOEFL). When the certificate no longer represents that the holder has the corresponding ability, the value of the certificate will be greatly reduced. The software test has the nature of national examination, and its requirements and management are very strict. If there are fewer patterns, the value will naturally be higher.

If the aim is to find a better job or develop in the network field, then we should build a good knowledge system. Only by establishing a complete and interrelated knowledge system can we have a deeper understanding of the context, role, value, problems and development direction of each knowledge point, better integrate theory with practice, and better judge the development direction of technology and market from a high place. Some candidates like to prepare for the exam within a short time. Even if they pass the exam, their understanding of the network field may be one-sided. In this way, in addition to the direct value brought by the certificate itself, the examinee did not gain much in knowledge.

In my opinion, under the current situation, there is no need to excessively question whether a certain profession has a future. As long as we can build a solid knowledge system and combine theory with practice, there will not be too many personal employment problems. From the study and employment of the students around me, almost all those who study hard and participate in practical work in school have found satisfactory jobs, and they do not spend too much time looking for jobs.

As for some people who think that the future of network planning designers is not as good as that of system analysts, I think it is also reasonable. Several of my students passed the System Analyst Test (Advanced) before graduating from college, but do they really have the ability of system analyst? I think this question is not worth discussing. Since the certificate does not represent the ability, what organization will hire you as a senior professional title because you hold a senior certificate? Certificate is only for reference. There is no essential difference between the value of the network planning designer certificate and the value of the network engineer certificate.

However, if you have been employed as an intermediate professional title by a unit, and the unit recognizes the effectiveness of the advanced examination, the network planning designer is still worthwhile. Even if the certificate is not useful for the time being, you can force yourself to study hard through the examination. It is also a very meaningful thing.spoto ccie

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