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Nettruyenus com: Is This Nettruyenmax Com Site Legit? Read Hidden Factors!

Nettruyenus com: Is This Nettruyenmax Com Site Legit? Read Hidden Factors!

Do you like reading Animated comics for free? is a trending website where you can read multiple animated comic series. Multiple readers and comic lovers from Vietnam use this website to explore the different stories.

People are exploring different genres and new comics. Therefore, let’s find out what is trending about Nettruyenus com and why this website is in social media controversy. 

About the is a newly developed website that took approximately 2 months and 17 days. The website is all about comic stories in all possible genres. People are widely visiting the website to read the exciting comics for free and enjoy the storytelling.

Recently, people have engaged in controversy about the website on social media that the name of the domain will change from to There is no information regarding the process and the reason behind the domain name change. Overall, people are worried about the continuity of the website so that they enjoy more comics. 

Nettruyenmax Com

The chaos and confusion between NetTruyenUs and NetTruyenMax is getting attention on social media because people are getting false information about the website. There are many Netizens who are commenting that one of the websites is fake and another is real. 

However, it is clear that is updating its domain name. In addition, the uncertainty in the people’s thoughts remains the same whether they can still read the comics for free. Until now, the website’s name remains the same,, and there is confirmed speculation that it will change to Max. 

What’s Inside Nettruyenus com? is a Vietnamese-language website where different stories and comics are available. You can easily open any story or search for it in the top menu. You will find the ratings of the comic along with this genre and the author of the comic. You can also check the trending list of the website, where you will find the most elite books by the users on the domain. 

The website will also connect to the online portal where people can communicate about the stories. Moreover, you can find comment sections where people post wearable comments and appreciate the domain’s content.

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Specification of Nettruyenus com

  • Domain Trust Score: Within two months of progress, the website got a 61% trust score.
  • Social Media: social media links are present, Facebook.
  • Readers Reviews: Readers’ reviews are available on every comic.
  • Email ID: The email ID of the domain is not available.
  • Domain launch: 15 June 2023
  • Domain expiry: 15 June 2024.
  • Payment mode: Website and Comics are free to access. 


  • All the comic books are free to access.
  • You can read every chapter of the comic book.


  • The website has no age restrictions and has many 18+ comics that are freely accessible to minors. 
  • The website only contains Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese comics; the rest of the stories and popular novels are unavailable. 

Nettruyenmax Com: Social Media Link



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by u/EducationalBoat9061 in Mangareader

Final Verdict is an online portal for reading comics and popular Anime movie stories. The website provides free access to all the stories and valid reader reviews. However, a recent controversy over the name change brought the website into the limelight, where some people are claiming that the other name is fake. 

According to you, which is the best anime story on Comment below.

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