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Netflix Password Sharing Reddit: Will The Fee Charged Automatically? When Will It Stop Sharing? Know Current Crackdown & Recent Update In Canada Here!

Netflix Password Sharing Reddit write-up has details and links to streamer giant Netflix’s impending anti-password sharing rollout.

Is Netflix working on a project to stop multiple people from watching the stream from a single subscription? Are its password-sharing rules different at the global level? Some support pages of Netflix suggested that it may change its password-sharing guidelines in countries like Australia and the Philippines.

The streaming company is in a catch-22 situation as it has to decide between increasing its customer base and annoying it’s subscriber with new password rules. Netflix Password Sharing Reddit article has shared the latest development related to the streaming giant password sharing plan.


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Why Netflix wants to change its Password Sharing Rule:

The subscription model depends on the user’s fees for service for a given period. As subscribers share their password with other individuals, they can avail of the service at zero cost resulting in a loss of revenue to the service provider.

Netflix is working on a model to plug this loophole and restrict subscribers from sharing their passwords. Netflix support page information indicates changes in the coming months.

Netflix Password Sharing Canada Guidelines:

The United States and Canada Netflix support page was updated a few days ago and had guidelines for sharing the password. It clearly states that people not living in the account holder’s house must have their account to get Netflix service. It has also stated the verifying method for the device outside the primary account holder’s household.

  • A link will be sent to the household account device with a four-digit code.
  • The outside device must enter the four-digit code within 15 minutes to access Netflix services.
  • The outside device may need this verification periodically to access the streamer service.

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown:

The streaming giant estimates that around 100 million users worldwide watch its service on other accounts. It plans to strengthen its anti-password sharing rules in countries like the United Kingdom so that people create their accounts. 

Netflix’s subscriber base reduced last year, but it has shown an increase of around 6 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2022. The company, in a statement, said Netflix accounts are for people living in a single household, and people living outside the household should have their account for viewing programs on its platform. 

The streamer clearly states on its help center page that the Netflix Password Sharing Fee will be charged automatically for sharing their password with people outside the household.

Social Media Reaction to Netflix’s Impending Password Sharing Rules:

The new password-sharing rule is not going down well with Netflix subscribers, who look furious with it. A subscriber commented, “streamer is worried about 100 million sharing, wait until they lose 10x paying customers due to the crackdown”.

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Final verdict:

The impending password-sharing rule is not going down well with the paying customers, forcing streamers to remove some updates from its help center page. 

How do you see the anti-password sharing approach of Netflix? Please comment.

Netflix Password Sharing Reddit: FAQs

Q.1 What is a Netflix household?

People living in a single location with a Netflix account are counted as one Netflix household.

Q.2 What are the different subscription plans of Netflix?

The subscription plans of Netflix are basic with ads, basic, standard, and premium.

Q.3 Has Netflix rolled out its anti-password sharing rules?

Yes, streamer anti-password rules are active in some countries.

Q.4 How does Netflix determine household devices?

Netflix uses the IP address, device activity, and device IDs to determine household devices.

Q.5 How many subscribers has Netflix added in the 4th quarter of 2022?

It added 6.1 million subscribers in the last quarter of 2022.

Q.6 When Will Netflix Stop Password Sharing?

The exact date of the rollout of the anti-password sharing rule is not available on its website.

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