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The Nermin Sulejmanovic Full Video Twitter is on top search these days. Get the complete knowledge about the video and more.

Do you know who Nermin Sulejmanovic is? He has become a sensational topic now. But do you know the reason behind his trending reports? He had live streamed Worldwide, a terrible activity that lost numerous lives. 

In this article, we reported the widespread information of Nermin Sulejmanovic Full Video TwitterContinue reading to grab the facts.

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Why is Nermin’s video trending in media?

Nermin Sulejmanovic created a buzz on Twitter after releasing his violent rampage video in Bosnia. In this surge of incidents, Nermin ultimately harmed numerous individuals. All these actions by Nermin were live-streamed by him on Instagram

Numerous shares were expected on the Twitter platform. Unfortunately, the moderator due to inappropriate footage restricted the video. However, people are continuously talking about it on this platform.

Victim of Nermin cruel act

Nermin’s ex-wife, Nizama Hecimovic, was seen in the video where she was severely injured and got killed by him. He murders his wife through this gruesome action. The Livestream Video shows that more individuals became victims of Nermin’s violent rampage.

Apart from his wife, he killed two more people on the street of Bosnia in Gradacac. Moreover, he wounded a woman, one more man and a police officer on duty.

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Videos Posted by Nermin

Nermin kept his phone camera on while he was performing the horrifying act. He live-streamed three footage separately on his Instagram profile (Attach Link). Soon, this distressing video got Viral On Reddit grabbing eyeballs from all the users.

The first video shows his critically beaten ex-wife, and he comments that she is the one who reported him to the police. He then shoots his ex-wife in the head. He also states that his ex-wife restricted him from seeing his child. The other two videos show the chase by police.

This video was live-streamed and was watched by around twelve thousand viewers. Currently, there are severe conversations regarding the video on Telegram.

Updates on Nermin

Aftermath of violence created by Nermin, he shot himself and died on the spot. Police did not take him into custody at that time.

Officers are investigating to understand the underlying cause of the rampage more thoroughly. 

About Nermin Sulejmanovic

  • Full Name: Nermin Sulejmanovic
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Profession: Bodybuilder, fitness trainer
  • Wife: Nizama Hecimovic
  • Children: one
  • Nationality: Bosnian

After the release of Nermin’s rampage video, people are making short reels on his life on Tiktok. Moreover, some fake rampage videos are circulated. Please do not fall prey to this because it is not available.


The Instagram link is unavailable.


In conclusion, Nermin Sulejmanovic shocking rampage caught the attention of large audiences. Nermin killed his ex-wife, one man and his son before taking his own life. All this was live-streamed by him on the internet. It sparked a discussion among the public.

What do you want to say about this violent act? Share your statements in the comments.

Nermin Sulejmanovic Full Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1: When was Nermin live?

A: 11th August 2023. The precise time is unclear.  

Q2: Are there any reports that claim that Nermin Sulejmanovic was mentally unstable?

A: There are no proofs or statements that prove that he was not stable mentally.

Q3: Why was Nermin Sulejmanovic in the news before the recent live-streamed post?

A: PreviouslyHe made headlines for committing suicide and filming a murder. 

Q4: Is Nermin’s violent footage available on Youtube?

A: No, it is restricted from all platforms.

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