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[Updated] Nelson Padilla Car Accident: Find What Happened To Him!

This article delivers information about the Nelson Padilla Car Accident. And also the police action against the car accident.

Who is Nelson Padilla? How did the car accident happen? Nelson Padilla is 11 years old and was killed in a car crash in Madison County, New York, in the United States. Is the police department started the car crash investigation held on Brookfield? Continue reading the Nelson Padilla Car Accident article till the end to know more about the accident news.


Fatal crash

On 28th November 2022, Monday evening, around 5:51 p.m., the 11 years old boy was killed in a car crash. The state Police department started investigating the fatal car crash in Madison County. The New York state police released a statement that the two vehicles crashed in Madison County.

Troopers were posted at 6 p.m. in Brookfield town. The police investigation revealed that 29 years old, Abner G. Padilla of Utica drove SUV and struck a flatbed tow truck. 

Who gets injured in the crash?

The police investigation has exposed a 2003 Subaru Forester, which Abner G. Padilla drove. The age of Abner G. Padilla is 29, and he is from Utica, New York. He was travelling on Route 8 southbound city on Monday evening.

What Happened To Nelson?

Padilla travelled in an SUV vehicle on Madison County south of Route 8. On 28th November Monday. The two vehicles crashed on the route. Police stated the truck was parked partially on the roadside with all activated lights.

How did the accident happen?

The vehicle struck a Ford 2001 Flatbed tow truck. The vehicle was partially parked on the roadway with all activated lights.

Nelson G. Padilla of Susquehanna from Pennsylvania was expelled from the SUV backseat. He was later noticeably dead at the scene and said the boy Abner Padilla and a 9-year-old boy sitting in the vehicle’s backseat were not injured.

Is Abner Padilla has licence?

Abner Padilla was evaluated at the accident scene and did not have a driving license. And also showed no symptoms of damage. Continue reading to know Nelson Padilla Car Accident. The police investigation into the vehicle crash continues to find the reason for the accident.

Madison County Accident

On Monday night in Madison County, New York, a car crash involved a flatbed tow truck. In that car accident, the 11-year-old child died. It was rendered to a reporter on Tuesday and released from the New York state authorities. 

When did the Nelson Padilla Car Accident happen?

The police investigated the two vehicles’ accident on Brookfield town State Route 8 at approximately 5:51 p.m.

The New York police department stated that the 11 years old Pennsylvanian boy Nelson Padilla died in an accident. On Monday, the vehicle collided with a tow truck on Route 8 road in Brookfield.

The flatbed tow truck had all lights on. And the truck was parked partially on the road. The car was struck by Nelson Padilla’s father, who was 29 years old. His name is Abner Padilla of Utica. Continue for further information about the Nelson Padilla Car Accident.

What about Padilla?

According to the police statement, Nelson Padilla was frightened in the accident, and he was found dead on the spot. And other passengers Abner and his 9-year-old traveller, sitting in the backside of the vehicle seat, were not injured. Both were protected in the accident because of the seatbelts.

What action was taken by Police Department?

Abner Padilla doesn’t have a valid license. He was arrested on a warrant for a provoked unlicensed operation. But, the arrest warrant not be implemented outside of the region. Because of that reason, in the Nelson Padilla Car Accident, he was not arrested.

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We conclude the Nelson Padilla accident happened in the south Route 8 at Brookfield. The 11-year boy was killed in the accident. Still, Police are investigating the car accident case. For more about Nelson Padilla’s accident, watch.

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Nelson Padilla Car Accident: Related FAQs

Q1. Who died in the accident?

Nelson G. Padilla 

Q2. What is the age of Nelson Padilla?

11 years old.

Q3. Who drives the car?

Abner G. Padilla

Q4. What is the age of Abner Padilla?

29 years old.

Q5. Where the accident happened?

Brookefield south Route 8.

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