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Neal Mohan Wikipedia: Explore Details On Neal Mohan YouTube CEO, Also Check His Net Worth, And Salary

This article exposed Neal Mohan Wikipedia and his current status information in detail. And also exposed his career, studies, and more.

Who is Neal Mohan? Where is Neal Mohan working? Why did YouTube CEO leave his job?  

Neal Mohan is an Indian-American who is replacing YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki. YouTube is used Worldwide, and the present head, Susan Wojcicki, stepped down and announced Neal Mohan as the new YouTube CEO. Read Neal Mohan Wikipedia article to get more information.  


Who is Neal Mohan?

Neal Mohan has worked as Senior Vice President at Google. And also served as Chief Product Officer at YouTube. He served as an online video stream-sharing platform and a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. From March 2008 to November 2015. Neal Mohan was Senior Vice President of Video and Display and Ads at Google. 

Before entering Google, Neal Mohan held the senior vice president at DoubleClick in strategy and product development. He is also a Board member of Stanford Graduate School of Business’s management. 

Neal Mohan YouTube CEO

Mr. Mohan served in various companies and departments before joining Google. He pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. And completed a Business Administration master’s degree at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was a scholar of Arjay Miller. He served as a director at 23andMe private company.  

He is also on the board of directors of Stanford Graduate Business’s Management, Mobile Marketing Association, and the Internet Advertising Bureau. 

How is Mr. Mohan recommended for the new CEO?

Neal Mohan, an Indian-American business executive, is announced as the fourth and present YouTube CEO, succeeding Susan Wojcicki on 16th February 2023 and updated on LinkedInSusan Wojcicki is stepping down after 25 years of experience at Google.

Neal Mohan, The current chief product officer, became part of Google and the parental company of YouTube in 2008. Mr. Mohan is a Stanford graduate; earlier, he worked with Microsoft.

Mohan and Susan Wojcicki have been together worked approximately 15 years. In 2015, Mr. Mohan became YouTube’s chief product officer.

Neal Mohan’s Net Worth

Mr. Mohan’s net assets are estimated at $350 million till February 2023. Most parts of his earnings have been received and recognized career at Google. He started his career at Andersen Consulting. Now it is renamed Accenture. Mohan was paid an amount of $60,000 per year at the start-up. 

Career with Google

After completing his MBA, Mohan joined DoubleClick Company as a designated head of products and strategy. Google has taken over DoubleClick for $3.1 billion. In 2008, he was made the Senior Vice President of Display and Video Ads at Google, a position he held till 2015. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, was paid a Salary of $100 million to retain from Twitter.

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Neal Mohan, an Indian American executive at YouTube, has taken over as YouTube CEO and a close aide of Susan Wojcicki for 15 years and was chosen as her successor. For information about Neal Mohan, click the link  

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Neal Mohan Wikipedia: FAQ

Q1. Who is Neal Mohan?

Indian-American business executive present CEO of YouTube.

Q2. When was Neal Mohan born?

1975/1976 (age 47–48)

Q3. Where Neal Mohan studied?

 Stanford University.

Q4. Why did YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki step down?

To focus on health, family, and personal project.

Q5. When Neal Mohan joined Google?


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