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Ndeadfellaz Token {April} Floor Price Detail, How To Buy

This article describes a popular NFT collection developed on the Ethereum network available in the form of an NFT index. Read more about the Ndeadfellaz Token.

Are you interested in knowing about a crypto project developed based on the NFT index? Let’s understand the project and the tokento participate in various community-based activities.

NFT enthusiasts Worldwide are eager to take part in the index pegged to an underlying NFT as it provides benefits such as owning multiple NFTs at the price of owning a single NFT.

The demand for the index in the crypto industry also resulted in the introduction of the innovative Ndeadfellaz Token.

About DeadFellaz

DeadFellaz is a digital art collection of 10,000 NFTs developed with the help of ERC-721. The NFT collection got released in August 2021. Due to the rise in the demand for the collection, the developers introduced the concept of the NFT index.

With the launch of the NFT index on the MEXC platform, instead of 10,000 NFT owners, the number of owners raises as a person will receive portions of multiple NFTs. 

The index buyers get the chance to own parts of various NFTs. In addition to that, it helps buyers to be part of rare and expensive NFT art.

Ndeadfellaz Token

  • MEXC platform purchased the renowned NFT collections from various NFT marketplaces that have listed DeadFellaz NFTs and splits them into different small portions accordingly.
  • The selected portions of NFTs are then converted into NFT Index.
  • The NFT Index provides the privilege to the index owners to be part of many DeadFellaz NFTs.
  • A total of ten rare and valuable NFTs are portioned to 10,000,000 units and distributed among the index holders.
  • Persons who own 10,000,000 units of NFTs are eligible for a full NFT to redeem.
  • The ratio of newly split NFT is 1:1,000,000.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Floor Price of Ndeadfellaz Token: 2.198 Ether
  • Price Change(24h): No Data
  • 24h Low: N/A
  • 24h High: No Data
  • Trading Volume(24h): No Data
  • Volume / Market Cap: N/A
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: No Data
  • Market Cap: No Data
  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Total Supply: N/A
  • Circulating Supply: No Data 
  • Max Supply: N/A
  • ATH: No Data
  • ATL: No Data

Founders and Team

  • Betty is the co-founder of DeadFellaz NFT collections. She is also the co-director of an agency involved with creative production.
  • Psych is another co-founder. In addition to that, he is also the lead artist of the popular Ndeadfellaz Token collections.
  • The 3D lead artist who created various digital artsis Maddy Kenyon.

Where to Buy DeadFellaz?

  • Visit the MEXC website.
  • Create an account by submitting basic information. Existing users can log in using their user credentials.
  • Add funds to the MEXC wallet.
  • Select the DeadFellaz NFT index.
  • Complete the transaction, and the user’s wallet gets credited with the DeadFellaz NFT index.
  • To purchase a complete NFT, the user can visit the OpenSea marketplace.
  • Connect your wallet with the OpenSea platform.
  • Load your wallet withEther and purchase NFTs. Learn more details about the Ndeadfellaz Token.


Q1: How many NFT owners are there for the DeadFellaz NFT collections?

A1: Currently, there are 6200 NFT owners for the DeadFellaz NFT collections.

Q2: What is the floor price of DeadFellaz NFT in the OpenSea marketplace? 

A2: The floor price of DeadFellaz NFT in the OpenSea marketplace is 2.198 Ether.


The introduction of the DeadFellaz NFT index helps token buyers with less amount to own a part of the NFT digital art collection. To know more about this topic, please visit this link. Have you read about the Ndeadfellaz Token? Kindly share your valuable experience on the topic below. Understand about the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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