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The new piece discusses the recent + and describes the current situation on Nate’s missing case.

Do you know where is Nate Wallace? In the present time, many people are asking about this boy. The full name of Nate is Nathen. He is 17 years old. Nathen is missing from 14 November, 2022 (Monday). 

Many people are concerned about his missing in the United States. Even police want public help to solve Nate Wallace Missing case immediately.


Disclaimer: We have collected data from trusted news portals and websites. Besides this, we only find one image. We don’t find any social media accounts or video news/clip of this teenage boy.

What was the Incident? 

According to Det. Jeremy Jaques, Nathen was missing from 8:15 pm. Nathen is 17 years teen who left Morgan County on Monday Evening. After this incident, the police started an investigation. 

Police also found his mobile phone on the roadside in Syracuse. Jaques also said Nathen was disturbed later due to some unknown reason, but he has no idea about this distress. 

Nate Wallace Missing– The Investigation

In the meanwhile, the Morgan County Sheriff Office has started the investigation. Police have checked and called all the potential areas to find Nate. But the investigation authority needs to get a clue about Nate. 

The Morgan County Office also appealed for the public assistance to find out this young boy. As per the report, Nathen took nothing with him. 

At the time of departure, he only had 30 USD. Even he didn’t have any identity proof or wallet with her. Police still need clarification about the whereabouts of this 17-year-old boy from Morgan County. 

The Important Facts of Nate Wallace Missing

However, at the time of investigation, police found at the time of missing Nathen was driving a Honda Civic car. The number plate of the vehicle is F-35-8UN. The colour of the car is Grey.

The investigation authority also informed the traffic department to find out the car. But after two days of his missing report, police failed to trace the vehicle. 

Meanwhile, Syracuse Police Force and Davis County Sheriff’s Department also started a joint investigation. But after two days, they need help finding a clue about Nate.

The Last Update on Nate Wallace Missing

On Wednesday, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office announced a public notification. In this notification, police announced that if anybody finds information on Nate, they can quickly inform the Sheriff’s office.

The investigation authority discussed this matter with Nate’s friends and family. But still, there needs to be proper information about this teenage boy.

The Present Situation

Police are trying to find the missing Nathen Wallace as soon as possible. But there needs to be proper development in this case. The investigation team is already taking support from the cyber unit and checking Nate’s mobile phone

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Nate Wallace Missing– FAQ

1) What is the full name of Nate? 

Nathen Wallace.

2) How old is he? 

17 years old.

3) From which day is he missing? 

From Monday Evening.

4) Where is mobile right now? 

Police found the mobile phone and took it into their custody.

5) Was Nathen disturbed? 

As per the report, yes. 

6) What is the number of cars? 


7) What is the colour of the car? 


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