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Nascar NFT (Aug 2021) Price, Prediction & How to Buy?

Nascar NFT (Aug 2021) Price, Prediction & How to Buy? >> Please read this news report to find out about the recent initiative of a stock car racing company in the field of cryptocurrency.

The emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens has spread in various sports such as horse racing. Conducting virtual horse races saves time, energy, and finances. The entire set-up and ambiance can be simulated within a game, with an opportunity of making profits for the investors. 

In today’s article, we have talked about the union of a popular motorsport company and a renowned blockchain project to formulate Nascar NFT. Whether you belong to the United States or some other nation, this report will update you with this latest amalgamation.  

What Is Nascar

Nascar, alias the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is an organization that approves and executes stock car races, a type of car racing. It conducts around 1,500 competitions annually in 48 states within the United States. Nascar has also implemented many contests in various locations, like the cup, world truck camping, regional, and international racing series. 

Founder Of Nascar

Nascar was founded in 1948 by William Henry Getty France along with his son James Carl France. Its headquarters are currently located in Florida. 

Nascar NFT

As stock car racing is an old notion, Nascar lately discovered that it was losing fame among today’s younger generation. On the basis of a survey conducted by reliable sources, Nascar found out that the average age of its receiving audience increased from 49 to 58 in a decade. 

To increase the popularity of stock car racing and the recognition of the brand amongst youngsters, the concerned authorities of Nascar recently decided to become partners with Virtually Human Studio, a project that aims in introducing blockchain and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based gaming platforms, founded in 2018. 

How Will The Union Work

Nascar NFT involves Virtually Human Studio, or VHS, the creator of a digital horse racing game called Zed Run. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The charges for starting a race in Zed Run ranges from of $2 to $15. The game involves owning and racing NFT horses with unique capabilities. The players can also possess their horse stables for earning rewards. 

For the success of this union, Nascar will brand these digital NFT horses with its name, with the intention of reaching out to the more tech-savvy, younger generation. Please read further to know more about Nascar NFT. The horses in the game shall have the name of Nascar appearing on their bodies, similar to the numbers that appear on racing horses. 

Price of Nascar Crypto

In June 2021, one of the racing drivers of Nascar, Landon Cassill, partnered with Voyager, a crypto exchange, for paying him the compensation of his races in the form of cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin. The agreement comprises 19 contents that Landon Cassill shall race and get paid via cryptocurrency from Voyager. Nascar associated with VHS and Zed Run around three months later, forming Nascar NFT.

Landon Cassill did not reveal the actual value that Voyager shall compensate him with. However, he disclosed to the news agencies that he was being paid as per the current market rates. 

The Final Thoughts

Nascar hopes that its partnership with Virtually Human Studio and Zed Run shall go a long way in attracting individuals from the juvenile section. To know more about the discussed digital horse racing game, view Zed Run’s Twitter page for the latest updates. Also, we would recommend you peruse How To Make Money With Cryptocurrency 2021 before any investment. Please let us know your views about Nascar NFT below.

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