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{Trending Video} Najiba Faiz Video Leaked On Telegram: New Video, Scandal, Wikipedia Details!

The article talks about Najiba Faiz video leaked on Telegram, and its new scandal video details have been explained along with her Wikipedia details.

Do you have the habit of watching Pakistani television dramas? Then, do you know about the Najiba Faiz Video Leaked on Telegram, which is going viral worldwide?

Najiba is a famous Pakistani actress who has become the victim of a recent love scandal with Feroze Khan. Many news stories are being released daily. Hence, we have picked that topic in this article and explained its background story in detail.

Najiba Faiz Video Leaked on Telegram 

Najiba Faiz is a famous Pakistani actress who has acted in many hit dramas and movies. Recently, she went on a hiking trip with her friend Feroze Khan and uploaded their images to her Instagram account.

Even their couple’s photo invited lots of controversy. Still, after the release of the, Najiba Faiz New Video leaked video on social media platforms as Najiba and Feroze’s close and romantic moments during the hiking trip were recorded and shared on the internet. In that video, both of them seemed to be very close to each other. And now, the video has been removed from telegram, as many people have claimed that the leaked video was fabricated. 

Najiba Faiz New Video

Najiba Faiz’s close video with Feroze got leaked on the internet. The location of the video was taken during the hiking trip. Feroze seemed to be wearing a black shirt, and Najiba was seen wearing a white top and free hair. We couldn’t see the whole video of Najiba online now as it has been removed due to its sensitive content.

Najeeba Faiz Scandal

Najeeba has become a victim of a love scandal with Feroze. Even though she has confirmed that they are good friends, rumors spread that they are in a relationship and have leaked their romantic moments on the internet.

Both Najeeba and Feroze clarified that there is only friendship between them, and those leaked videos are fake. But Najeeba Faiz Scandal is growing day by day. Recently, Najeeba shared again on Instagram, stating that the fraudsters should not take her image and misuse it online. Because of these scandals, Najeeba’s fame has been severely tarnished.

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Najeeba Faiz Wikipedia

Najeeba, born on August 1, 1988, is an actress who rose to fame by acting in serials on PTV and Pashto channels. Then, she got the chance to host the television shows as well.

Let us see the wiki details of Najeeba one by one.

  • Real name: Najiba Faiz
  • Profession: Acting, hosting
  • Date of birth: August 1, 1988
  • Nationality: Pakistan
  • Ethnicity: Afghanistan; his family was an Afghan immigrant; thus, her ethnic roots are passed on to Afghanistan as well.
  • Najeeba Faiz Wikipedia education details: Completed journalism course from Abdul Wali Khan University.
  • Projects: Angoori Sawaan, Khuda k Liye, Sang e Mar Mar, television shows, etc.
  • Relationship status: unknown.

Thus, these are the wiki details of the television actress Najiba, and she is also active on her social media accounts.

Public reaction

Upon the release of the leaked video of Najiba, there were lots of controversies for her because Pakistan is a religious country, and there will be an acceptance of women being more disciplined. This kind of explicit activity will be condemned to a greater extent.

Social media links

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Najiba Faiz Video Leaked on Telegram News has spread like a forest fire. Still, all those links are completely deleted from all the social media platforms because Najiba is a famous person. She does have an influence on police officials, so with the help of them, she might have removed the leaked videos.

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Disclaimer: This article talks about mature content news.

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