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{Trending Video} Nadila Lampung Viral Link: The Popular Lamtim Video On Twitter!

Learn more information about Nadila Lampung viral link of the Nabila Lamtim Twitter video, along with its digital presence in internet world.

What famous things come to mind when you think of Indonesia? Currently, the Nadila Lampung Viral Link is trending in that region. It is all because of a lady named Nadila and her activities.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss Nadila and why it is trending worldwide, along with the exact details about the video being discussed below. Thus, read the complete article.

About Nadila Lampung Viral Link

Nadila Lampung is a lady from the East Lampung region of Indonesia. She recently appeared in a mature video where she was performing some indecent activities in a boarding house with 4 to 5 men. The video went viral, leaving everyone in deep shock because Nadila seemed to be a very religious girl and appeared in a mature video. Even worse, she romanced with multiple men in that boarding house. Nabila Viral Twitter links are emerging regarding this video issue. But currently, the original, uncensored version of the video has been removed from the digital world, citing the inappropriate content shown in the video. Hence, Nadila video links are not available for this current period.

Nabila Viral Twitter

On Twitter, a hashtag is trending in relation to Nadila Lampung, #Nadilalamtimcindy. Upon analyzing this hashtag, we can guess that Lam Tim Cindy is the name of the person with whom Nadila romanced. Or else this could be the full name of Nadila.

This hashtag and pictures of Nadila are trending on the Twitter platform, but we couldn’t see the videos associated with Nadila. It reflects that Twitter has removed the video, citing his mature content.

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Video Nadila Lamtim

The word Lamtim comes from the hashtag #Nadilalamtimcindy, which is going viral on Twitter. But the actual video is not available. Some of the Twitter and Telegram channels are created, and they quote to upload the original video of Nadila. But all those links belonged to different people; it was full of bogus links to fool people. Hence, we couldn’t explain the things shown in the Video Nadila Lamtim.

Public reaction to the Nadila video

There are many criticisms arose because of the act of Nadila because she was romancing 4 to 5 men in a boarding house. Thus, her act was severely condemned by many people in Indonesia. Indonesia, one of the most religious countries, will be stricter towards women’s dressing and activities. In that case, the Nadila Lampung Viral Link popped up and acted as an exception. People are severely criticizing the act of Nadila, but there is no proof that Nadila purposely released a video on the internet. Some might have secretly recorded the video and released it online.

Who is Nadila, who appeared in the viral video?

There wasn’t much information about Nadila. From her appearance, we can see that she belongs to the Islamic community, and in one photo, Nadila showed her ID card to the internet. From that Nabila Viral Twitter photo, we have collected some details. Her real name is Nadila Suhendar, and she holds a government ID card with life time validity.


Hence, in this article, we have shared the background story behind the hashtag #Nadilalamtimcindy and the associated Nadila Lampung Viral Link. The mature video of Nadila is not available anywhere on the internet. It is a good sign that removing such inappropriate videos from the internet will preserve self-respect for Nadila. No one deserves to be shown in this way to millions of people. 

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Disclaimer: The article shares about the inappropriate behaviour of an Indonesian lady; thus, some of the content may not be suitable for people aged below 18.

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