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Nachw Covid Tests Legit {Jan} Find Feature, Role Of USPS

Read this article to know about a current update on NACHW COVID Tests and the factors to check is NACHW COVID Tests Legit.

Are you aware of the efforts of the Biden administration about the health and safety of people living in the United States during the COVID pandemic? Do you know the recent update on NACHW COVID Tests? NACHW is working closely with the government and the USPS departments to deliver COVID Test-Kit free of cost to people in America.

The government has allowed public access to order test kits online. As it is free of cost, would you like to know is NACHW COVID Tests Legit?

What is NACHW COVID Tests?

NACHW is popularly known as the National Association of Community Health Workers. A week earlier, the Biden government had announced that COVID Test-Kit would be delivered to American households via postal service, and the COVID Test-Kit would be free of cost.

COVID Trend:

Till today, there were 67.7 million cases reported in America. Currently, daily, more than 11.8Knew cases are getting reported. There were 8.54K deaths due to COVID reported in America. Daily, more than 2,990 deaths are getting reported.

The initiative that makes the NACHW Covid Tests Legit:

The COVID cases are also on the rise globally. The Biden government decided to distribute COVID Test-Kit at no cost with the alarming situation. 

Many internet users could access the website and place an order for a free COVID Test-Kit from 18th January 2022. However, Jen Psaki (White House press secretary) had announced pubically that the website would be officially launched on 19th January 2022.

Later, it was revealed that communities and zip-code areas with a high risk of COVID infection were allowed early access. 

The Biden government has announced four test limits to make the test-kits accessible to more people. It is a positive step accounted to check is NACHW Covid Tests Legit

In their attempt to cover more people, a hotline number will be made public to allow people to order COVID Test-Kit over the phone.

Internet trend:

The website attracted many visitors, leaving behind the traffic of any other government website. On 18th January afternoon, more than 380K visitors were reported. 

Almost 31,500 users also accessed the USPS website to track orders of their COVID Test-Kit. However, it was found that USPS will start shipping the COVID Test-Kit by the end of January 2022.

Role of USPS continuing in making the NACHW Covid Tests Legit:

USPS is playing an important role in delivering the COVID Test-Kit. USPS was rated at 90% for delivering first-class mails on time with the help of more than 650K of its staff. 


NACHW COVID Tests is legitimate as the Biden government initiated it. We will learn about the accuracy of NACHW COVID Tests once it is delivered and people start using them. Currently, customer feedback is unavailable on the internet as orders for NACHW Covid Tests-kits will go live today. The involvement of USPS, NACHW and USPS answers is NACHW Covid Tests Legit?

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