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My Philippines Travel Level com: Find All Authentic Details For This App Here Now!

This article provides information on the My Philippines Travel Level com and tells the readers about the application in detail.

Are you looking for information on the travelling website? People in the Philippines and other countries are looking for genuine facts related to the travelling website called My Philippines Travel 

If you want to know everything related to the My Philippines Travel Level com website and see how it works, read the article until the end.


What is My Philippines Travel

The website tells the user about the percentage of travel in the Philippines. It shows the user how wee-travelled they are in the country and which parts they still need to discover by them. The website idea is inspired by Japan and built with the help of ReactJS. 

How does the Philippines Travel Level App work?

When the user logs in to the application, they see a map of the Philippines, divided into 83 Philippines Provinces. Select the area on the map and choose the level of travel. Each level represents different information which includes:

  • Lived there means you have to spend much of your time in that area.
  • Stayed there- you spend at least a night in that area.
  • Visited there- spending some hours exploring the area.
  • Alighted There- drop off for a short time like stopover, layover and transfer.
  • Never Been there- you haven’t explored or entered the area.
  • Passed there- passed by the area but didn’t enter it. 

In My Philippines Travel Level com, the score updates automatically. The more you use the apps, the more you will learn about the areas in the Philippines that need to be explored. 

How was the My Philippines Travel app created?

It is created by a software engineer named Denz del Villar after checking out a similar app in Japan. Denz checked out the Japanese version when he stayed in Japan in 2019 and thought of a similar app for the Philippines’ users. 

On April 5, 2023, he started creating the Philippines version during a 10-hour layover in Singapore. On April 13, 2023, he posted a story on his Instagram account showing his Philippines Travel Score.

How was the My Philippines Travel app created

Views of customers regarding the application

My Philippines Travel Level com gives the user every information related to the application and talks about the creator in brief. The application has been launched recently, so it’s a little early to talk about the customer review.

However, when the application was downloaded, many known faces in the Philippines, including VP Leni Robredo, showed her travel level. According to the app, Robredo lived in only two areas, i.e., Camarines Sur and Metro Manila. 

Other politician and ex-president shared their score and supported the application on social media platforms.

Social media links-

Final Words 

The My Travel Level app is getting recognition from famous personalities and slowly from the audience. Let’s wait for more reviews to know whether the application is good. 

I made a web app to visualize how well-travelled you are in the Philippines
by u/nicety_artwork in Philippines

What are your views on the app? Please comment below.

My Philippines Travel Level com– FAQs

Q1. When is the My Philippines Travel app available?

A: the app is available to download on a smartphone from Play Store or the official website.

Q2. Who is the creator of the My Philippines Travel level app?

A: Denz Del Villar.

Q3. What is Denz’s Instagram username?

A: @denzdelvillar.

Q4. How many levels are there in the application?

A: There are 6 levels in the app.

Q5. What is Denz’s profession?

A: He is a Filipino software engineer.

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