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Murder Mine Roblox: Check Roblox Controls Map & Walkthrough Details Here!

In this article, you will find the latest map Murder Mine Roblox and complete exposure to the map and adventure.

Have you discovered the Murder Mine map of Roblox? Do you like to play horror games? Are you looking for the Murder Mine codes to redeem multiple gadgets? The horror map of Roblox is the most engaging and trending map after the launch. Gamers are investing lots of time exploring the map and checking out the hiding spot to win.

Worldwide gamers are sharing reviews and opinions on the map and the intensity of horror and the darkness on the map. If you want to know more about Murder Mine Roblox, keep reading the article.


About Murder Mine

A murder mine is a mysterious map in which you have to reach the end of the mine. In this game, you will enter the mine through an abandoned house. You have to like finding keys, building rail tracks, finding elevators, etc. You must pass every mystery phase to get to the mine.  

You can play this game with your friends and choose the character in the game. There are a total of 4 players who can play together in a team. If you want to play this game with your friend, you can add him by sending the code of your map.

Murder Mine Map Roblox 

The murder mine map consists of house trains, mines and other hidden areas. In this map, you must explore and find the keys to the elevator and unlock the padlock. 

The multiplayer feature of the map is to engage multiple audiences in the Roblox game. However, this map is similar to the PC game Granny in which you have to avoid Granny to escape The House. The game ends with a positive and negative note. If you complete the mission, you can depart by train, or you will miss the train and get killed.

Murder Mine Roblox Walkthrough 

Multiple gamers are looking for the Murder Mine Walkthrough to find out where to search for the keys and other hidden items. Many professional players and YouTube trimmers have uploaded the video of the map Walkthrough in which they have spotted the house’s hidden location.

In the Walkthrough video, you can spot where you must hide and find the items to complete the mission quickly. Where few people find it interesting and get easily out of finishing the map, few of them are upset. Some of the Gamers mention that it is ridiculous to upload walkthrough videos as with this video, we cannot experience the adventure and thrill.

Murder Mine Roblox: Social Media Link

Final Verdict

The Roblox is again in public demand after a new launch of the map Murder Mine. This map includes multiple mysteries, adventures and thrills in which you must overcome obstacles and finally depart through the mine via train. Moreover, you can also check out the walkthrough video from YouTube

What would play the map without watching the walkthrough video? Comment below.

Murder Mine Roblox: FAQs

Q1 What is the server side of Murder Mine?

The Murder Mine server size is 25

Q2 When was this map released in Roblox?

The map was released on 21st April 2023

Q3 How many visits have been recorded after the launch of the map?

Since April, this map has had more than 4.2 million visits.

Q4 What is the genre of the Murder Mine map?

It is a horror map containing blood and fearsome action.

Q5 What are Murder Mine Roblox Controls?

On Mobile, you can play with a joystick or PC; you have to use W, A, S, and D. 

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