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Murdaugh Crime Scene Video: What Found In The Autopsy Photos? Has The Murders Graphic Images Revealed? Know Here!

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Have you ever heard about the Murder case of Murdaugh? Who was Murdaugh? Did he commit double murder? Is any video footage shown in the trial of Murdaugh? Recently a murder case trial has been going on in the United States of America, and the prosecution lawyer has been sharing multiple pieces of evidence to prove Murdaugh is guilty. 

A new videotape of the Murdaugh Crime Scene Video has been published in the public domain, and every viewer has been raising a question about its authenticity. 


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Crime Scene Video of Murdaugh:

A video has been released where we saw Alex Murdaugh standing in front of his wife and his son’s dead body. This footage has been presented as evidence of a double murder trial in court.

The editorial team has used Photos Graphic editing technique to blur the dead bodies for security reasons. 

When did the crime video play as testimony?

Both Colleton County Sgt have played a 40-minute video. Daniel Greene and Corporal Chad McDowell for testimony on 26th January 2023. Sgt. Daniel Greene was the first police officer to visit the crime scene.

Who is Alex Murdaugh?

Alex Murdaugh was a lawyer in southern California, charged with the double murder of his wife and son and stole millions of dollars on 7th June 2021. The police have arrested him, and this investigation is going on. We will update you on this website if we get new developments in this story.

Murdaugh Murders Crime Scene Photos:

The prosecution had also shown multiple crime scene photos to the jury regarding the double murder of Murdaugh’s wife Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. Crime scene photos have been captured of the 1700-acre hunting ranch where the murder was committed. 

The jury had watched those newly released Autopsy Photos and a gun found in Alex Murdaugh’s room, defence said that someone else was the main culprit responsible for the double murder.

Defence argument on Gun Shot:

According to our case study, we came to find Dick Harpootlian, the defense lawyer, who said the locations of the fatal gunfire indicate that there was likely a second shooter on the premises who had committed double murder; this information has been collected based on the distances between them.

Paul’s body photograph showed many shotgun bullets and shells nearby. However, the left-behind casings corresponded to two distinct 12-gauge ammunition manufacturers. The same thing has been found in the picture of Maggie Murdaugh.

Have the murder weapons of Maggie and Paul been discovered?

According to the Murdaugh Crime Scene Images, investigators have not found any murder weapon to prove that it has been used to kill both Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. If any more information has been released, we will update you soon.

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Final Verdict:

A crime video has been released where we see Murdaugh standing in front of his wife and son’s dead bodies. This footage has become necessary evidence. Defence also gave a befitting reply, and this trial has been going on. 

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Murdaugh Crime Scene Video: FAQs

1 Is the murder mystery of Murdaugh solved?

Not yet.

2 What was the age of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh?

Maggie is 52 years, and Paul is 22 years.

3 How many bullets does Paul take to die?

2 Shotgun Bullets.

4 Do Alex Murdaugh steal money?

Yes, 9 Million Dollars.

5 Who was the first one to dial 911?

Alex Murdaugh.

6 Who did capture the crime video scene?

Sgt. Greene

7 When has Alex been sent to Prison?

Since October 2021.

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