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Mtl Token {April} Price, Contract Address, How To Buy!

This article describes a crypto token rewarded to the users who conduct trades and gets involved in payment transfers. Read more details about the Mtl Token.

Are you eager to explore a crypto project and its token that provides payment-related services? Keep reading this article about the payment platform to learn about the accessible features for the holders and investors involved with this project. 

People from Brazil, Turkey, and the United States, are interested in knowing about crypto services that help save the additional transaction fees. 

The feeless transaction helps to save more while considering for long-term. Keep on reading about the Mtl Token till the end without skipping.

About Metal (MTL)

Metalpay develops the metal token, an online platform that helps traders and investors trade, sell and buy crypto tokens. The prominent attractive feature of Metalpay is that they don’t charge for sending money. The platform is also designed in a user-friendly manner.

The payment methods are simplified to make it more accessible to ordinary people, and in addition to that, the user can pay through the platform for free and get rewarded in MTL according to the amount the user sends.

Mtl Token

  • The metal token is developed using Ethereum blockchain technology, and in the coming days, it gets available on Proton, a native Metal blockchain.
  • Metalpay users who hold more than 10,000 MTL are not charged for purchasing other cryptocurrencies.
  • The MTL transactions are insured with FDIC.
  • The transactions are processed instant for free.
  • Metal (MTL) aims to empower people by providing more value.
  • The user can visit the official Metalpay website for payment-related services. Apart from the website, Metalpay founders have also launched mobile phone applications for android and iOS users.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price of Mtl Token: $2.43
  • Price Change(24h): $0.7871
  • 24h Low: $1.63
  • 24h High: $2.69
  • Trading Volume(24h): $1,010,644,986.81
  • Volume / Market Cap: 6.21
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: 
  • Market Cap: $162,741,947.70
  • Market Rank: 289
  • Total Supply: 66,588,888 MTL
  • Circulating Supply: 66,588,888 MTL 
  • Max Supply: 66,588,888 MTL
  • ATH: $14.82
  • ATL: $0.1159

Founders and Team

  • Marshall Hayner is the CEO of the Metal crypto project. Apart from that, he is also a crypto enthusiast and serial entrepreneur.
  • Glenn Mariën is the CTO of the Metal crypto project. Glenn is also a full stack developer and general crypto wizard.Learn more on Mtl Token.
  • Irina Berkon is assigned to this payment-based project.

Where to Buy MTL?

  • Visit the official website of the Binance platform or use the Binance application.
  • Create an account on Binance or log in using your user credentials.
  • The trading pair compatible with MTL are MTL/USDT, MTL/BUSD and MTL/BTC. 
  • MTL/USDT has the highest trading volume, and it’s highly recommended for easy execution.
  • Load your Binance wallet with USDT/BUSD/BTC.
  • Go to the Spot trading section on Binance.
  • Select USDT/BUSD/BTC as primary input token and MTL as secondary input token on the spot trading interface. Let’s check on Mtl Token.
  • Execute the trade, and the user’s wallet gets credited with equivalent Metal coins.


Q1: Tell us what is the Ethereum smart contract address for MTL?

A1: The Ethereum smart contract address for MTL is 0xF433089366899D83a9f26A773D59ec7eCF30355e.

Q2: Which social media platforms are used to connect MTL community members?

A2: MTL community members are active on Twitter and Redditt for community-related discussions. Also, the community members get official updates related to the MTL project.


The metal token allows the token holders to exercise the complimentary benefits and services provided by the Metalpay platform. In addition, they also get rewarded with MTLs. To know more details, check here. 

Have you purchased Mtl Token? If yes, kindly share your experience with us below. Find here the Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency 2021.

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