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Mspc Token {May 2022} Address, Price And How To Buy?

Mspc Token has shared details on price, market cap, and other data promising to change the centralized data storage system in the future.

Are you a Cryptocurrency investor or enthusiast looking for an opportunity to make a profitable investment? The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of volatility recently, but the industry’s market cap is still above one trillion dollars. 

Crypto coins providing valuable solutions to the people and industry may interest investors in the coming days. One such coin getting popular among crypto enthusiasts in Brazil is Mspc Token; it envisages providing a new storage system. To know more about this token, keep reading this digital currency post until the end.

Monspac Crypto Coin:

Monspac’s vision is to establish a blockchain technology to replace the central storage system in the world with a new storage system. As we are into the web 3.0 era, a new ecosystem is required to cater to its needs by introducing new technology on the contract system blockchain. Some of the facts related to this coin are listed below.

  • This coin was launched on 19th January 2022.
  • This is a BEP-20 token that resides on top of the Binance Smart chain.
  • Mspc Token envisages breaking the blockchain data barrier and allowing the large-scale commercial application. 
  • It plans to develop real-time application development for gaming, content development, and social networking services.

Founders of Token: Mspc

We cannot find the name of team members or company behind this project, although it has accounts on most social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube

Monspac Price, Market Cap, and other data:

The price of the Mspc coin has decreased by 10 percent in the last twenty-four hours and is currently trading at $0.00340390. It is currently trading at 95 percent less than its highest price. Some other data of Mspc Token are mentioned below.

  • Total supply – 100,000,000,000
  • Circulating supply – 100,000,000,000
  • Holders – 100
  • Market cap – Not available
  • Trading Volume last 24 hour – $3,018
  • Market Rank – 8643

How to buy Mspc Coin?

This token is built on BSC smart chain, and people interested in buying this token should go Pancakeswap platform. 

  • Open the Pancakeswap platform and buy some BNP with fiat currency.
  • Connect your wallet with Pancakeswap.
  • Put the required amount of BNB for the given Mspc.
  • Import the contact address of the coin and put it at a given place.
  • Swap the Mspc coin for the given BNB and store it in your wallet.

What is the price prediction for Mspc Token?

Monspac price predictions based on the Bitcoin growth pattern are mentioned below. We assume that at a different rate of Bitcoin growth Mspc Coin price will be as listed below.

  • At 1 percent of Bitcoin growth it price in year 2023 – $.00352, 2024 – $.0036 and for 2025 – $.0037
  • At 10 percent of Bitcoin growth its price in year 2023 – $.00432, 2024 – $.00545 and for 2025 – $.00686
  • At 50 percent of Bitcoin growth its price in year 2023 – $.00789, 2024 – $.01815 and for 2025 – $.04175
  • At 100 percent of Bitcoin growth for Mspc Token price in 2023 – $.01235. 2024 – $.04448 and for 2025 – $.1601. 


  • What is the contract address of this Crypto Coin?
  • The contract address for this token is0xba509bdb71a29301860800e13867b59b461747af
  • On which Blockchain is this token present?
  • This token is based on Binance Smart Chain.
  • The website address of this Token?
  • The website address of this Coin is https://mspc.io/#/

Final verdict:

This coin has taken a dip of around 100 percent from its highest value but Mspc Coin promises a lot to the investors. People should do their studies before investing in Mspc Token or any other cryptocurrency as the chances of fraud are more significant in this industry.  

Crypto Coin investors can share their thoughts on Monspac coin in the comment section. 

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