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Moroccan Earthquake Scam: Find Death Toll 2023 Trending Whatsapp News Now!

The post highlights the details of the Moroccan Earthquake Scam and tries to discover the details of the recent email and messages about the dangerous hack.

Have you heard of the recent Moroccan Earthquake? People from the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, South Africa, and Malaysia are curious about the latest scam circulating through a WhatsApp message about the seismic waves card. People came across the messages on September 12 after the devastating Earthquake in Morocco.

In the upcoming sections, we will know further details about the Moroccan Earthquake Scam. Stay tuned.

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What is the Moroccan Earthquake Scam?

After the devastating Earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, 2023, a few days later, people received emails about messages shared on WhatsApp groups, which mentioned that it was a dangerous hack. There was a seismic wave card that was shared and was similar to the pictures of the aftermath. 

The message is that some pictures of the Earthquake are shared under a file called seismic wave card, and people are asked not to open it as it can easily hack the phone within 10 seconds, and after that, there is no going back. The message has also asked the readers to share the information with their family and friends.

Moroccan Earthquake Whatsapp Scam

There are several screenshots shared on the online platforms on people’s phones and emails, and they are asked not to open the file card in any manner. Hackers are trying new methods to hack people’s phones after extreme security has been imposed on technological devices. The message is translated from some other language.

However, we have not encountered instances where people reported their phone hacking. But we came across a screenshot with a seismic wave card PDF file, and people identified it as a Trojan virus. We are looking for more details about the message to determine whether it is a fact or a rumor.

Moroccan Earthquake 2023

People were devastated after they experienced a terrible earthquake of more than 6 magnitude on September 8, 2023, in Morocco. The images released after the devastating Earthquake have given an example of nature’s destruction. The death toll is continuously rising, and rescue teams have reached Morocco to bring out dead or alive people from the villages.

Moroccan and international aid workers arrived in the South region of the city, which was hit by a 6.8 magnitude tremor on Friday night, along with various aftershocks. The rescue team has given necessities such as food and water, and the rescue team works together to clear the mountain roads.

Moroccan Earthquake Death Toll

As per the latest information, around 2900 people have reportedly died, but there may be a possibility that the numbers can be much more than we see. Al Haouz, a populated region of around 570,000, has a death toll 1643. Many villages have reported that half of their population died in the massive Earthquake. The Earthquake destroyed clay houses and mud bricks, and now people fear for their shelter. And, get all safeguarding details against Credit Card scams. 

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The Moroccan earthquake scam news has forced people to be cautious before opening any file named under systemic waves card, and the investigation team is already searching for the complete details to find out whether the message is just a hoax or it can be a purported hack. Remember to read safety tips against PayPal scams.

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