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Morgan Stanley Ted Pick LinkedIn: CEO Edward Wikipedia Details & Info On His Wife!

Check out the details of Morgan Stanley Ted Pick LinkedIn with complete Wikipedia, including his Wife.

Do you know the recent CEO of the Ted Pick? Who is Morgan Stanley? Why is he trending over the internet currently? If you are aware of the Ted Pick, then you would be surprised to hear that Morgan Stanley has recently changed its CEO. The current CEO is Ted Pick; therefore, people are curiously looking for the details about him and his Linkedin account across the United States and India.

In case you are also looking for the same, here are details that are useful for you. So, read the Morgan Stanley Ted Pick Linkedin post till the end to find all the details related to Morgan Stanley.

What is Morgan Stanley Ted Pick Linkedin?

Recently, people have been looking for the LinkedIn account of Morgan Stanley since it announced its new CEO. The current CEO of Morgan Stanley is Ted Pick, so from now on, Pick will be the new chief executive. Ted Pick has replaced James Gorman, who was serving the Wall Street bank for nearly 14 years.

Since this news has come, people across the world have been looking for Ted Pick’s LinkedIn account; therefore, Morgan Stanley Ted Pick Linkedin is trending across the internet.

Details of Ted Pick Wikipedia

Since Morgan Stanley announced Ted Pick as its new CEO, people have been very interested in knowing Ted Pick Wikipediaso here are some important details about him. 

Early Ted Pick was the co-president of Morgan Stanley, and currently, he is 54 years old. His full name is Edward ‘Ted’ Pick, and he came from a family financial background. His father is Pablo Pick, but his mother’s name is still unknown. Ted’s father runs an investment company, Blue Channel Corporation.

Edward graduated from the Phi Beta Kappa from Middlebury College and completed his MBA from the Harvard Business School. In 1990, Ted joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst, and later, in 2002, he was promoted to Managing Director. However, people are also looking for Ted Pick Morgan Stanley Wife, which is explained in the post below.

In 2008, he was selected to the Management Committee; in 2012, he was promoted to the Operating Committee of the firm, and in 2013, he was introduced to the MUFG Steering Committee. Thus, he has been serving the company for the last 3 decades; therefore, he is one of the most deserving people for the CEO of Morgan Stanley.

Besides this, Pick was the Head of the Institutional Securities Group at Morgan.

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Ted Pick Morgan Stanley Wife

Morgan Stanley announces Ted Pick as its new CEO, so people are curious to know about his Wife. Ted Pick is a married man with a wife, Betsey Kittenplan. Betsey Kittenplan and Ted Pick have two daughters, Annabel and Louisa, who is 13 years old. However, they are currently residing in New York. However, for further information on Edward Pick Morgan Stanley, you can check out the social media links given below.

Social Media Links-




People are looking for Ted Pick’s LinkedIn account because recently, Ted Pick was announced as the CEO of Morgan Stanley.

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