Moonstar Contract Address (June 2021) Price, How To Buy

Moonstar Contract Address (June 2021) Price, How To Buy?

Moonstar Contract Address (June 2021) Price, How To Buy? >> Do you want to experience a Crypto that automatically rewards you for holding more? Then please refer to this post.

It is known that over 6,700 Cryptocurrency is being traded publicly Worldwide. One can imagine the future currency craze with this number. Suppose you are a new investor and want to know about the finest paperless money to set up your investment, then please stick around. 

At the end of the article, you will know Moonstar Contract Address and an easy guide to buy this crypto. So, let us check all the details here. 

About Moonstar Crypto

Moonstar is a community-driven and stealth-launched crypto. Decentralized Finance Token designed to bonus users across its smooth yield and liquidity protocol.

People Worldwide are curious to know how much Moonstar charges for every transaction, so, here is a piece of information.

Let’s check how Moonstar crypto works:

  • It charges a 10% fee on each transaction. 
  • Out of which 5% is locked in liquidity pool. 
  • And the rest 5% is distributed among the holders.

Moonstar Crypto Founder

We got the below information while exploring more to know Moonstar Contract Address and the founder of the Moonstar. It is one of the secure, transparent, and most evolving tokens in fast paced crypto world.

The entire team’s name with the image is disclosed on the official site. Following are the details:

  • Executive Director – Sean Collar.
  • Strategy Director – Brendon M.
  • Web Developer – Danny Castillo.
  • Social Media Developer – Ricardo Martins.
  • Creative Director – Dane Ruben.
  • Marketing Director – David Willson.

Moonstar Crypto Price

The current MoonStar price is $3.49e-9 and a trading volume of $23,052.64 for 24-hour. In the past 24 hours, MoonStar is up by 1.43%. 

  • Moonstar Coin Price: <$0.00000001Moonstar 
  • Moonstar Contract Address: 0xce5814efff15d53efd8025b9f2006d4d7d640b9b

Moonstar Coin Supply / Market Cap

  • Market Rank – #3746
  • Max Supply – No Data
  • Circulating Supply – No Data
  • Total Supply – 1000 Trillion Moonstar Tokens.
  • Burned – initial burn of 4 Trillion tokens.
  • Market Cap – No Data
  • 24h Low / 24h High – No Data
  • Trading Volume24h -$23,052.64

All the data above are recorded from a notable Crypto data analysis website.

How to Buy Moonstar Coin?

Follow simple step by step procedure to purchase Moonstar Crypto:

  • Install Trust Wallet or MetaMask Applications.
  • Buy Binance Tokens (BNB) and transfer them to user Trust Wallet or MetaMask.
  • On the official website of Moonstar, tap on the button “Purchase Tokens.”
  • Make sure you use the correct Moonstar Contract Address given above while trading.
  • This allows the page to open “PancakeSwap.”
  • A check box will pop up, tap on “I understand,” allowing PancakeSwap to load Moonstar.
  • Check whether Trust Wallet or Metamask is synced with PancakeSwap.
  • Choose how much amount of Moonstar you want to buy, then press Swap.
  • Make sure you set slippage to 11%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the official website of Moonstar Crypto?

A1. The official website of the Moonstar Crypto is

Q2. Is Moonstar active on a major social media hub?

A2. Yes, Moonstar is active on various social media hubs.

Q3. What is Moonstar Contract Address?

A3. Contract Address – 0xce5814efff15d53efd8025b9f2006d4d7d640b9b. For more details about Moonstar, please visit this link. 

The Final Verdict

This article shares everything about the most emerging future currency and how to purchase it. While trading the token, use the above address, please don’t go for any random data, else losing your money and personal details are high. We suggest you follow one simple rule ‘invest in how much you afford to lose. 

Was our guide helpful to you? If you have any query related to Moonstar Contract Address, let you know in the comment section below. We would love to assist you. Also, are you looking for a perfect guide on how to buy Cryptocurrency, please hit this link

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