Moon Time Crypto (May 2021) Token Price, How to Buy

Moon Time Crypto (Jun 2021) Token Price, How to Buy?

Moon Time Crypto (Jun 2021) Token Price, How to Buy? >> This article gives brief information about the moon time coin along with its statistics and predictions.

Do you want to know about the Moon Time Token? Are you looking to invest your money in this cryptocurrency and want to be sure about it first? This article will tell you brief information about the Moon Time Token, which is getting recognized Worldwide.

Also, we will tell you about the price and prediction of Moon Time Crypto along with the points to tell you is a trustable currency or not. So let’s find out.

What is the Moon Time Token?

Moon time token/coin is an NFT, i.e., Non-Fungible Token, launched on November 11, 2020, Worldwide. The Blockchain used by the Moon Time Token is Ethereum. Unfortunately, we can find only a small description about this token which states that ‘A moon mission always comes after the Bear Winter.’

All the holders of cryptocurrencies always look for profit. They invest their money in these tokens and coins so that they can earn money from them. 

In the case of Moon Time Crypto, it is hard to say that it is a profitable cryptocurrency because we couldn’t find much about this currency, and the price chart and statistics are not up to the expectations. Let’s look at the other details of the Moon Time Token in the upcoming sections.

Who Founded The Coin?

Moon Time Token is available on Binance Smart Chain for trading, and Ether backs it. However, the owner and founder of the token are not disclosed yet. So, investors and buyers have to wait until any news related to the owner is found online. 

The token ID of the coin is #75621, and the first issuance date of the coin is 11th Nov 2020, as mentioned above. 

What is the Market Cap and Total Supply?

After evaluating the Moon Time Crypto Token online, we found that the coin’s market capitalization is $2 156 179, and it includes the locked LP and excludes the burned tokens. However, the market cap of the coin is likely to rise by +7.89%.

The total supply of the coin is one trillion “TIME.” The crypto token has over five hundred holders worldwide. 

Price Chart of Moon Time Token 

According to the reliable websites, the price chart and other information are given as below:

  • Price- $0.000000000174446
  • Market capital- $10,256
  • Holders- At present it is 487
  • Total supply of Moon Time Crypto-1,000,000,000,000,000 MOT
  • Transfers- 1,689
  • Sold for $5.64 in November 2020

Predictions / Statistics of Moon Time Token

People who are eager to know about Moon Time Token also need to understand the market statistic of this coin.

There isn’t any information given on the prediction of this token on the internet. Though you will find the price rates of Moon Token, getting Moon Time Token prediction is difficult. 

As per the present status of this crypto, it is hard to say that it will rise shortly, but as no one sees the future, anything can happen.

How to buy Moon Time Crypto?

If you want to take a risk and invest your money in the Moon Time Token, then here are the steps that you need to follow to buy it: 

  • Go to the trusted exchange site like Binance or Coinbase.
  • Log in with the site and deposit some amount in your account.
  • Buy exchange tokens like Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  • Go to the ‘exchange’ section and select Moon Time Token.
  • Copy and paste the contract address from the exchange 
  • Verify the quantity and click on the ‘Swap” option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1: When was the Moon Time Crypto launched?

A: Moon Time Token was launched on November 11, 2020.

Question2: Moon Time token uses which type of Blockchain?

A: Moon time token uses Ethereum blockchain. You can check this link for the price chart and statistics. 

Question 3: How to Get the Contract Address?

A: The contract address to buy the coin is 0xbde49c37f2797bcc96cc411ee6f89154f570f909, and it is valid for the Binance Smart Chain platform. 


With all the information about Moon Time Crypto that we have gathered, we can conclude that investing in this cryptocurrency is a risk as there isn’t much information on the internet. Please read here to know what you must know before investing in cryptocurrency. 

Please share your views with us regarding the Moon time token in the comments section.

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