Jamaica Online Website Reviews Jamaica: Check The Features And Legitimacy Of Moon-10.come

The article on Jamaica has tried to explain the website in detail. Read to know more.

What is Moon-10? Is Moon-10 a website? What type of website is Moon-10? Is Moon-10 a legit website? Is the Moon-10 website from Jamaica? Details about Jamaica are present in this article. Please read the article properly. People from JamaicaCanada, and the United States are trying to determine the authenticity of this news website. 

Details About The Moon-10 Website

The website is an informative one. Several articles are published on the website, and it has 4 tabs on the left side of the page. The tabs are as follows:

  • Home – It means the homepage of the website.
  • News – Where news articles are published.
  • Entertainment – In this section, articles related to the entertainment industry are published.
  • Education – Educational articles are published in this section. 

They also provided an option to switch to a dark theme for better visibility. 

Disclaimer: The article has provided details about the website present in the primary keyword. We will discuss the legitimacy of the website as well. 

Is Moon-10.come Legitimate?

If anyone wishes to read the article present on this website, then one should check the legitimacy of the site first. Read the factors here and validate the authenticity of Moon-10. 

  • Trust Score of Moon-10: The trust score of the website is very poor. It is just 27.5 out of 100
  • Probability of a suspicious website: 64 out of 100
  • Domain Creation Date: 8th November 2022
  • Popularity of the Website: Poor
  • Malware Score: 14 out of 100
  • Phishing Score: 26 out of 100
  • Threat Profile: 26 out of 100
  • Spam Score: 1 out of 100
  • Domain Expiration Date: 8th November 2024

The Jamaica looks like a suspicious website because the website needs a better trust score that shows no credibility. Also, as per the reports, the back-end links need to be properly updated. 

Characteristic Of Moon-10

Let us now discuss the attributes of Moon-10. Check out the pointers below:

  • Website URL: of the website: It is not engaging and very bland
  • Policies: A privacy policy is provided
  • More details: Details about the website and its services are given
  • Owner’s details: Not provided
  • Details to Contact through Phone: Not provided
  • Email Address:
  • Reviews & Feedback: Not available 
  • Comment Section: Not available
  • Services: Articles are available on different topics Jamaica still needs to provide the country of origin or any other inside details. Names of the staff members, etc, need to be provided. We suggest our readers maintain their distance from this website because it is new and looks suspicious.

Social Media & Feedback 

Unfortunately, social media links related to this article are not available. We searched on the Internet but have yet to find anything. Similarly, when we tried to research the feedback and Testimonials of the website, we found that there were absolutely no reviews about the website on any portal. This website needs to be improved in many ways. People need help to trust Jamaica. But we suggest our readers wait as the website is new. Click here to learn about Credit card fraud.


The article has talked about a website, its legitimacy, characteristics, and social media presence. Everything needed to be improved, and this website appears to be a suspicious one. Lack of feedback and low trust score raised the suspicion, but we should consider that the website needs to be more newly formed. Thus, we should give some time to Moon-10 and wait for some reviews and improvements. Click here to learn about PayPal fraudIf you wish to know about the trust score and its importance, click here.

Have you visited the Jamaica website? Please comment on your reviews below if you have any. 

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