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Moody Krows NFT {Oct 2021} How to Buy? Token Price

This article executes with detailed knowledge on Moody Krows NFT that will expand your trading options.

Are you interested in the recently launched NFTS? Do you think it will be worth your time and money? Then, we have brought you some insight into the Moody Krows NFT. This article will help you gain an advantage and the path to avail yourself with NFT and make a high profit.

This is damn intriguing to make good money with this asset. It is wonderfully spread all over Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Let us go through this article to comprehend this topic in detail.

What is NFT?

NFTS is the Non-Fungible Cool Adventures. It is the collection of NFT. The team of Crypto NFTS launched it with public demand. It enhances amusement and inspiration.

What is Moody Krows?

Moody Krows altogether is the group of Ten thousand Moody Krows NFT generated randomly on a Layer 2 solution of ImmutableX tokens. It is accomplished on the Ethereum blockchain without gas fees. It uses a Regular Metamask wallet. These Moody Krows are incredible and have lots of fun with the audience. It has the stylish element inducing the audience towards it.

What is Immutable X?

It is the Layer 2 scalings that are assembled for Ethereum in Australia. It is the coin list and restricted by Binance. Immutable X gathered lots of fame in its recent boost in the crypto-verse. Moody Krows NFT and many other ventures like King Rival Capital and Bitkraft Ventures avail the rise in its profit.


After our even research, we got to know that James Ferguson founded Immutable X in 2018.

Price Chart of ImmutableX

Moody Krows, an adventure video game, is possible only after the involvement of Immutable X. Its transactions are quick, a capacity of 9000 transactions in each second. ImmutableX token is not available on the website today. Though it will be available soon.

  • Supply for sale: 4lakh tokens (Supply-2%)
  • Fixed-sale price: $10 per token
  • Purchase limit minimum: $100
  • Purchase limit maximum: $500
  • Total raised: $7,200,000

How to access Moody Krows NFT?

  • Step-1: To get early access to Krowmunity. A pre-sale will conduct with a smaller amount of 0.035 ETH for each NFT. You can find the discord link on the official Twitter (Link Given below).
  • Step-2: The forest will open that is exclusive for only the token holders of Moody Krow.
  • Step-3: The wallet of Krowmunity will open. Spread your wings wide. You can use the Krowmunity wallet to reuse your money in the same project.
  • Step-4: You can avail of the award for only MoodyKrow owners to win a chance of Moody Krows NFT.
  • Step-5: Unlock of top-secret milestone in this step. CODENAME:-Moody Pebbles. Mooodykrows will have to collect these pebbles while exploring the metaverse.
  • Step-6: MoodyKrows holders can breed their MoodKrows for the production of mystery eggs. Every two Krows produces only one egg.
  • Step-7: A award of 2.5% of total sales and half part of the royalty will be granted.


Q1) Why does Immutable X matter?

A1) ImmutableX follows a scaling protocol. It avails a fast and secure service with no gas fees. It is possible to build within a few hours.

Q2) What are the teams in MoodyKrows?



As per our last words for the digital platform Moody Krows NFT is hypothetical with lots of risks, so kindly take expert advice before investing in this NFT. 

Kindly comment below your thoughts and suggestions for this token. 

Predominantly, update yourself about the latest availability on the Official Twitter account .

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